Tiluf Partners with Zeeve to set up an enterprise-grade network



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Decentralized Mixed Reality Metaverse

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Hyperledger Besu and Ethereum Nodes

Tiluf Platform

Tiluf is building the first decentralized mixed-reality (MR) platform using its own blockchain network and a native cryptocurrency.

With the mission to build a decentralized MR metaverse, Tiluf plans to bridge the gap between the virtual and the physical world, allowing users to create their own realities, which will soon become more interactive, advanced, and decentralized.

By enabling users to create AR experiences within just two minutes, Tiluf is fast and allows people to decide what they want to see and experience and what they are willing to pay.

Incorporating DeFi and Token economics into the foundation of its operations, Tiluf is illuminating people about decentralization and its burning needs.

Furthermore, this metaverse platform creates the perfect decentralized governance infrastructure and offers it to the community.

Tiluf is building the first decentralized mixed-reality (MR) platform using its own blockchain network and a native cryptocurrency.


Being a hybrid blockchain platform that offers both permission and public characteristics Tiluf enables the best of the decentralized yet organized experience. Hence, the challenges started early. The initial challenge was to set up the network from scratch, and test & stabilize a set of smart contracts. This was to be done on a production-grade network environment with a combination of Besu and Ethereum nodes. As Tiluf was on the verge of launching one of the most innovative decentralized Metaverse projects, time was of the essence.
The next challenge was to set up an enterprise-grade network with Hyperledger Besu and create CI/CD pipeline to allow smart contract deployments. This would help the developers at Tiluf to start building on the Testnet environment. Beyond setting up the staging network quickly, the mammoth task was replicating the same network environment from the Testnet to the Tiluf mainnet, whilst providing enterprise-grade security on nodes and monitoring to target the desired uptime. This also included node distribution across various cloud providers and several data centers across the globe. Furthermore, to ensure appropriate decentralization the aforementioned results were expected to be met on multiple cloud accounts owned by separate stakeholders.
The last but most critical challenge was to set up a monitoring strategy to ensure the network is healthy, able to scale well, and the cloud resources underneath were well-equipped.


Zeeve’s solution to meet Tiluf’s challenges

Zeeve’s automated DevOps and network configurations allowed Tiluf developers to set up a Testnet topology and get access to the Testnet API Endpoint in no time.

Zeeve deployed the desired Hyperledger Besu nodes, Ethereum nodes with all tokenomics, and authenticated RPC endpoints to allow developers to start deploying the smart contracts and test the dApps.

Once the network was tested with all the dApps, Zeeve helped Tiluf to replicate the same into a production-grade topology. This was done by allowing the setup of nodes on one of the cloud accounts and then starting to scale the same to multiple data centers across AWS, GCP, and DigitalOcean. Within a few hours, the Miannet was up and running.

Furthermore, a comprehensive Zeeve monitoring toolkit enabled capturing Blocks, Transactions, and Network-level parameters, along with cloud resource-level metrics. This included block time, transaction latency, synchronization status, CPU, RAM, DISK, and network I/O data points in real-time.

At last, alerts & notifications were configured to send proactive alarms on the network health & status.


  • Zeeve accomplished the task of setting up 10+ production-grade nodes in less than 10 hours.
  • Zeeve configured 5 different data center locations across the globe on 3 different cloud providers’ environments.
  • Upon completion, the deployment ran flawlessly for 946,728 minutes with 0 minutes of downtime.
  • Zeeve’s priority support responded & recovered incidents within 4 hours.

  • Tiluf is excited to partner with Zeeve.

    “We connected with Zeeve when we had a complex and very critical task at hand for our startup Tiluf, a decentralized AR-focused metaverse platform. We needed to commission a live TILUF Blockchain with a Testnet and Mainnet and to be able to launch its decentralized Metaverse dApp as smoothly as possible. Zeeve provided exceptional expertise and automation and has been highly responsive and supportive of our network requirements with a tailored approach that just works. With our AR metaverse zones, a physical level metaverse infrastructure, already coming up around streets, cafes, and pubs in India, we're sure that Zeeve will help us to support this traction and continue to ensure a smooth experience for the users on the blockchain end!”

    Yash Shukla, Founder & CEO

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