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XODE is a standalone Layer1 blockchain running in production with its own governance and native token.

XODE holds the proud tag of being the Philippines’ first blockchain. The protocol aims to democratize blockchain for developers and entrepreneurs, enabling them leverage XODE’s comprehensive efficiencies to build highly innovative use cases and dApps at significantly lower costs for diverse sectors spanning web3 gaming, DeFi, logistics, retail, government, media, healthcare, and real estate.

The platform offers an average block time of 12 seconds, supports both Wasm and EVM smart contracts, and offers highly feasible offerings like multi-asset pallets, Humidefi, and Polkadot's open governance.

XODE is a standalone Layer1 blockchain running in production with its own governance and native token.


When the XODE blockchain’s ecosystem witnessed exponential growth after mainnet launch in February 2024, it translated to 1.2 billion XODE in genesis. Such rapid expansion made XODE seek better liquidity, cutting-edge security, and robust governance.

Following this, XODE sought a swift conversion of its standalone blockchain into a Parachain to empower the XODE ecosystem with unprecedented liquidity, relay chain-based security and effortless optimization of the chain for the specific use cases that XODE targets to support.

The XODE’s vision included migrating its database, smart contracts, and heavy codebase while maintaining performance of all the blocks, chain state, and runtime. Meanwhile, XODE strived to leverage the Agile Coretime model to secure coretime for their Parachain while moving from the traditional auction system. This whole process of execution and migration can pose challenges related to data integrity, security, and uptime performance of the existing XODE blockchain.


The XODE team chose Zeeve for its extensive experience in Polkadot and Kusama landscape and the unraveling commitment to providing safe, seamless and cost-efficient blockchain migration as well as Launch from scratch. Zeeve has set up Devnet and Testnet for XODE’s Kusama Parachain with agile coretime support, becoming one of the early implementers of the coretime allocation mechanism.

Both the launches have been done in a highly accelerated time frame for faster launch. The same strategy Zeeve is visioning for the upcoming XODE mainnet launch. Parachain-focused inhouse tools– Perfuse and Larch have been utilized for automated development and faster testing of Parachains, thus contributing to XODE Parachain’s faster time to market.

Following are the Zeeve’s state-of-the-art solutions for XODE:

  • Automation with Parachain Tools:

Zeeve offers innovative dev tools for simplified, low-code deployment of Kusama Parachain for XODE, including Perfuse and Larch that streamlines the whole deployment process of XODE DevNet and testnet, and thereby enabling XODE to prepare for faster time-to-market on mainnet launch.

  • Simplified infrastructure management:

Zeeve eliminates the complexity of infrastructure management with simplified & consistent management of XODE’s Parachain infrastructure, such as monitoring of all the nodes & networks, ensuring performance, maintaining data integrity, and avoiding the risk of network attacks.

  • Enterprise SLA:

With enterprise SLA above 99.9%, Zeeve presents a testimony to XODE’s Gaming-focused Parachain that players on their platform won’t face any downtime issues. This will allow XODE to offer an interactive gaming experience for long-term performance and sustainability.

  • 24/7 Monitoring & support:

Zeeve empowers XODE Parachain’s operational capabilities with 24x7 advanced and real-time monitoring of nodes, network, cloud and resources. Having this, Zeeve will leverage sophisticated monitoring solutions that oversee nodes, review logs, and identify issues that can lead to performance and branches.


By implementing comprehensive solutions, services, and advanced tooling, Zeeve achieved the following results for XODE Parachain:

  • Accelerated time to market:
  • Minimizing the hassle of Kusama Parachain deployment, Zeeve facilitated significantly faster time-to-market for XODE, allowing the platform to go live to the mainnet quickly.

  • Scalability:
  • Zeeve offered a notably faster blocktime of 6 seconds for XODE, catering to the high scalability requirements of XODE designed as a gaming focused Parachain.

  • Reliability:
  • Zeeve infrastructure’s optimization with Enterprise-grade SLA has been ensuring zero downtime issues for players on XODE chain.

  • Support:
  • Zeeve also delivers dedicated support for XODE, under which Zeeve’s blockchain experts evaluate and optimize XODE’s operational capabilities and provide immediate assistance to ensure a cutting-edge performance.

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