Deploy your Blockchain Network

Build, Deploy and Manage your Blockchain apps and nodes

Save up to 97% in time and 60%+ in costs using Zeeve

Seamless Automated Deployment

Deploy Blockchain nodes and networks seamlessly saving time to market and cost

Rapid Blockchain Development

Manage CI/CD pipelines seamlessly with GIT integration and other tools

Analyse and Monitor the Health of nodes

Advance analytics and monitoring of your nodes; self healing nodes

Market your DApps in Marketplace

Use our DApp Marketplace to deploy, promote and sell/lease your DApps

One stop Platform for all Blockchain protocols

We support the most popular Permissioned and Public Blockchain protocols for you to deploy nodes and build DApps

✤  Permissioned Protocols: From HyperLedger to Corda, we provide seamless deployment of networks for ventures and consortiums

✤  Public Protocols: From Ethereum to Algorand, we support secure and high performing developer as well as staking nodes

✤  Hybrid Blockchains: Use our expertise to deploy hybrid Blockchains like Ethereum or DAML with Fabric

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Heterogenous Cloud Deployment on cloud of your choice

✤  Managed Deployment: Use Zeeve managed cloud infrastructure on AWS/Azure/GCP
✤  Use your own Public or Private cloud: Use your own Public or Private cloud account and use Zeeve to manage deployments, analytics, monitoring and scaling.
✤  Hybrid Deployment: Pick and choose the components like monitoring, analytics, etc for Zeeve to manage.

Advance Analytics and Real time Monitoring

Active Monitoring of nodes and networks with advance analytics, alerts and notifications

✤  Blockchain Advance Analytics on your Dashboard for various protocols to take informed decisions.

✤  Real time monitoring of Blockchain Resources and cloud resources.

✤  Get alerts and notifications related to health of your nodes.

Pluggable Services for Rapid Development

Zeeve provides various services to consume for rapid development and deployment of DApps and Blockchain nodes

✤  Decentralized Storage: Use ready integrations with decentralized storage like IPFS

✤  IoT as a Service: Integrate IoT devices and consume data directly into your Smart Contracts using Oracle services

✤  GIT Integration: Seamless CI/CD pipeline with GIT Repo integration for easy and quick deployment.

Clients trust Us for

Blockchain Management

Whether it be a consulting company or System Integrator, a Blockchain startup or Consortium, clients partner with us for their Blockchain Management. Join our partner ecosystem to accelerate your Blockchain journey with us.

Visit our Blockchain Blog or Blockchain Case Studies and learn how our clients are benefiting using Zeeve.

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