Deploy your Blockchain Network

Blockchain Protocols

Zeeve is the choice of Blockchain Infrastructure provider
for DApps and Blockchain Projects

We make it very easy to deploy your Blockchain nodes and De- centralized Apps on enterprise-grade infrastructure usi g out intuitive and no-code platform. Get your node deployed in matter of minutes and manage your nodes and networks with advance analytics, monitoring and real time alerts.

Enterprise-Grade Security

We provide 24/7 security monitoring and security tools to configure and manage your infra.

Deployment Options

Zeeve supports Bring your own Cloud (BYOC) or use our Blockchain Managed Service.

High Performance

Use our proprietary architecture to get supercharged nodes with error-free high performance.

Real-time Data Analytics

Analyze and monitor your nodes using our graphical dashboard with pro-active alerts.

24/7 Resource Monitoring

Zeeve provides continuous monitoring of Blockchain and cloud resources and logs.

CI/CD Automation

Automated CI/CD pipelines catered to smart contract updates and Blockchain specific upgrade needs.

  • All Protocols
  • Public Protocols
  • Permissioned Protocols
  • Hybrid Protocols

Deploy your Blockchain Node or Network now

Zeeve Blockchain and DevOps Experts.

We understand that Blockchain node deployments are complex and non-standardized. In addition, you want enterprise-grade performance, reliability, security and integration with legacy apps. In addition to our No-Code highly automated platform, our team of Blockchain and DevOps are available round the clock to support you for any customized configurations or integrations.

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