Zeeve Partnership Powers Rymedi`s Evolution
Zeeve Partnership Powers Rymedi`s Evolution



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Healthcare Industry

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Avalanche subnets

Rymedi, headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina, is a trailblazer in the healthcare technology sector. Since its inception in 2018, it has quickly become one of South Carolina's 50 fastest-growing startups, an accolade awarded by Business Narrative.

With a solid commitment to compliance, Rymedi adheres to HIPAA and FDA regulations. The company's mission is to transform the healthcare industry through groundbreaking solutions. By focusing on innovation and compliance, Rymedi has developed advanced technologies that enrich data management and interoperability.

Their dedication to improving healthcare outcomes and streamlining operational efficiency has significantly contributed to the modernization of patient-centric care delivery, earning them recognition and respect within the industry.

Rymedi stands as a pioneer in healthcare technology. Since 2018, it's thrived in the sector, ranking among South Carolina's top 50 startups. Currently collaborating with Zeeve, they've smoothly migrated to Avalanche Subnets, efficiently using setup and deployment processes while maintaining cost-effectiveness.


Rymedi sought migration from a public blockchain-based solution to having dedicated App-chains using Avalanche Subnets.

Avalanche subnets are specialized, interoperable blockchains within the Avalanche network. They enable the efficient creation and management of custom blockchain networks that cater to specific use cases and applications.

Migrating to Avalanche subnets could present challenges such as network reconfiguration, data migration, seamless communication, and protocol compatibility. Maintaining security and optimizing performance across subnets also pose significant migration complexities.

Rymedi partnered with Zeeve, a preferred app-chain provider and a distinguished blockchain service platform recognized for its adeptness in enterprise blockchain development and deployment. This strategic collaboration was driven by fortifying Rymedi's proficiency in blockchain setup, management, and monitoring, ultimately amplifying its capabilities in these crucial areas.


Using Zeeve`s platform and tools, Zeeve rapidly established nodes & networks with minimal turnaround time. Additionally, Zeeve automated the creation of subnet blockchains, provided consultancy on blockchain utilization, and aided the migration of existing applications to the new Avalanche subnet blockchain. After migration, Zeeve continued to oversee operations like account whitelisting, addition/removal of validator nodes and RPC nodes. Zeeve also offered guidance on architecture and system setup and assisted with wallet and access control configurations.

Three Pillars of Zeeve's Offerings for optimum blockchain network:


Zeeve provides rapid setup of environments, including development, staging, production, and streamlining the deployment process, ensuring minimal time to market.

Beyond this proficiency, Zeeve empowers Rymedi to expand consortium effortlessly, integrate new members into the network, and dynamically add or scale nodes as demand fluctuates. This comprehensive suite of features underscores Zeeve's commitment to efficient deployment and the sustained adaptability and growth of Rymedi's blockchain ecosystem.


Zeeve empowers continuous and comprehensive blockchain network management, encompassing a spectrum of essential tasks. These tasks include diligent oversight of validator and RPC node management, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Zeeve further extends its capabilities to encompass meticulous access control mechanisms, guaranteeing secure and authorized interaction within the network.

The platform also facilitates the seamless deployment of smart contracts, fostering agility and innovation within Rymedi's blockchain ecosystem. Additionally, Zeeve enables swift and precise configuration adjustments, seamlessly adapting the network to evolving requirements. This holistic approach to management solidifies Zeeve's role as a cornerstone in the sustainable and efficient operation of Rymedi's blockchain infrastructure.

Monitoring and Support:

Zeeve provided comprehensive monitoring dashboards encompassing system and blockchain metrics, enhancing oversight. Zeeve implemented a sophisticated alerting system triggering automatic alerts for node performance and connectivity issues, such as CPU, memory, disk usage, blockchain parameters, peer count, and syncing issues, ensuring proactive issue identification.

Zeeve also delivers unwavering blockchain support, wherein operational responsibilities are delegated to our proficient team. Our expert team effortlessly navigates complexities, guaranteeing a streamlined experience. With a deep understanding of the intricacies involved, we offer unwavering assistance that goes beyond mere troubleshooting.


The transition to Avalanche subnets, facilitated by Zeeve`s comprehensive solutions, brought remarkable results:

  • Reduced Time-to-Market:

Streamlining the migration process to Avalanche subnets led to a significant reduction in time-to-market pressures. Zeeve's support yielded an impressive 90% decrease in their time-to-market endeavors, enhancing their speed and agility in bringing innovations to the forefront.

  • Setup Cost Savings:

Zeeve's active engagement has translated into substantial cost savings, delivering a remarkable 70% reduction in one-time setup expenses for establishing the network. This financial efficiency empowers customers to allocate resources strategically while leveraging Zeeve's expertise.

  • Operational Cost Savings:

Zeeve's innovative solutions extend into ongoing savings, offering customers an impressive 65% decrease in recurring network management, maintenance, and monitoring costs. This financial advantage allows businesses to optimize their operations while receiving top-notch support from Zeeve.

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Zeeve Partnership Powers Rymedi`s Evolution

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