Polygon Edge

Polygon Edge
Launch your own Polygon Edge Network
with Zeeve

Access the most secure, robust, and flexible Polygon Edge network management stack. Deploy a Polygon Edge Network, your application-specific chain using the enterprise-grade Zeeve platform – Private, reliable, secure, and scalable.

“Polygon CDK is designed to simplify the launch of ZK-powered custom blockchains. With their Rollup as a Service offering, Zeeve is taking this a step further by helping developers of all kinds to build their Polygon CDK-developed chains more rapidly and securely. Whether you are a startup building an appchain or an enterprise testing a cutting-edge blockchain use case, Zeeve’s 24/7 SLAs, compliance focus, and deep expertise in ZK technology can make your onchain journey a breeze.” 

Osman Sarman
Osman Sarman

Polygon Labs Enablement Team

Build A Scalable, Private And Secure
Polygon Edge Network With Zeeve
Zeeve takes away the pain of building and launching your own Blockchain.
From enterprise-grade deployments & performance to 24*7 monitoring, Zeeve handles all
for you, so that you can focus on building your business.


Build and launch a Production-ready Edge network tailored for your needs, all through Zeeve's highly configurable and cost-effective platform.

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Zeeve provides everything you need to build, deploy and manage your Polygon Edge Chain, enhanced by 24x7 monitoring and a robust Enterprise SLA.