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The Graph

Kunji is a pioneering DeFi company that empowers passive crypto investors with a unique investment management platform.

Kunji's mission is to democratize active portfolio management, giving investors control and access to risk-optimized strategies, bridging traditional finance with the crypto investment landscape with a focus on transparency and community participation.

The platform operates in two domains: one for investors to deposit and withdraw and a separate trader vault where traders use their capital. Importantly, trader actions are mirrored in the user world, allowing real-time portfolio monitoring.

Kunji Finance is a multi-strategy decentralized asset management platform on the Arbitrum chain. This non-custodial platform enables investment in digital assets using expert-curated strategies, all secured by smart contracts.


Kunji, a decentralized crypto investment platform, highly depends on data produced by Kunji smart contracts and other DeFi platforms that Kunji Finance utilizes. This data is being used in various operations of the platform, from decision-making by traders to portfolio reporting for investors.

The challenge here is data extraction from the blockchain ledger and its management.

  1. Data Extraction Complexity:
  2. Extracting data from a blockchain node using RPC methods is time-consuming and engineering-intensive. Developers will pull all data for each block and then filter the data pertaining to Kunji Finance.

    After that, the raw data of filtered transactions must be passed and transformed into information, which must then be loaded into a database. This extensive development effort needs to be repeated every time Kunji adds a new Defi to its PMS platform.

    Maintaining such a code base is a gigantic task in the long run.

  3. Managing Deployed Subgraph:
  4. Managing a graph node in-house came with the following challenges.

    • High infrastructure cost of self-hosting a graph node.
    • Considerable engineering overhead and skillset required for maintaining Graph node.

Kunji explored other options for hosting subgraphs, i.e., hosted subgraphs by Graph participants and decentralized Graph network, but came across following challenges:

Hosted Subgraph challenges:

  • Downtime and data lag
  • Slow reindexes and slow queries
  • Lack of proper support

Decentralized network challenges:

  • High and unpredictable query cost
  • Indexing uncertainty
  • No direct support


A Solution to the Data Extraction Complexity:

  • Leveraging Indexing Protocols: Zeeve's approach to tackling the difficulties of complicated ledger data management is to leverage indexing protocols, particularly ‘The Graph.’
  • Zeeve created a subgraph as per the project requirements. This subgraph captured data from the blockchain node and loaded it into a database. Kunji platform then simply accesses the data through GraphQL API running on top of the database.

A Solution for managing deployed subgraph:

  • Hosted Subgraph Service: Zeeve's core offering is the hosted subgraph service that addresses the challenge of managing graph nodes.
  • This service eliminates the need for customers to set up and oversee their graph nodes. Instead, customers can opt for a simplified plan, hosting their subgraphs on Zeeve's shared infrastructure platform.
  • This approach reduces infrastructure costs and removes the requirement for in-house expertise in graph node management. It simplifies the entire process for the customers.


Zeeve`s comprehensive solutions brought substantial benefits to Kunji:

  • Reliability:
  • Zeeve's solutions ensure that Kunji's blockchain operations run smoothly without unexpected hiccups. Kunji can depend on a more stable and consistent system by streamlining and optimizing its blockchain infrastructure.

  • Speed:
  • Zeeve's solutions have accelerated the transaction processing times for Kunji, enabling them to provide quicker customer service. This enhanced speed improves user experience and allows more transactions to be processed within the same time frame.

  • Support:
  • Zeeve also delivers unwavering blockchain support, wherein operational responsibilities are delegated to our proficient team. Our expert team effortlessly navigates complexities, guaranteeing a streamlined experience for Kunji.

  • Developer tooling:
  • Zeeve's developer tools enhance Kunji's blockchain application development, deployment, and management, streamlining processes, reducing time and resource expenditures, and enabling rapid adaptation to market changes.


    To sum up, Zeeve has significantly shortened setup time and costs while maintaining reliable security safeguards for hosting subgraphs. It also provides an advanced professional infrastructure, configuration advising, and proactive help from experts in handling any issues.

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