Tezos Smart Rollups

Tezos Smart Rollups
Launch your custom optimistic rollup on Tezos Effortlessly with Zeeve RaaS
Enjoy all the security and flexibility of Tezos Smart Rollups using Zeeve’s enterprise-grade RaaS platform, perfectly aligned with your application-specific needs.

“Arbitrum Orbit chains allow projects to cater their technology offering directly to the needs of their communities, Zeeve has sought-after experience in blockchain deployment, and adding Orbit capabilities into their suite of services will continue to propel the adoption of blockchain technology and simplify the process for developers looking for a customizable chain.”

Nina Rong
Nina Rong

Head of Ecosystem Development at Arbitrum Foundation

Effortlessly build a bespoke, enterprise-grade L2 rollup on Tezos
Zeeve’s RaaS platform now supports Tezos Smart Rollups, easing your way into building powerful L2s secured by the stability and longevity of the Tezos blockchain. Our low-code platform offers comprehensive support and unparalleled flexibility. Focus on business growth while getting the most scalable, secure, and reliable rollup infrastructure.

Flexible with Blazing Performance

Build a secure and blazingly fast Layer2 Smart Rollup with Zeeve - gasless transactions,
WASM Support
, and unlimited
options to customize and configure

Launch and

Launch, monitor, and scale your L2 Smart Rollup with a Management Dashboard, 24x7 monitoring, Supernodes, and an ecosystem of Integration partners