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Deploy, share and monitor your Blockchain nodes and networks without giving away any control using Zeeve’s Managed Service

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Our Features

Solve the pressing challenges of Blockchain development

We help DevOps teams ease their operational, security, and performance challenges while deploying and managing Blockchain nodes and networks

Why choose us

An Innovative Approach to Enterprise Blockchain Adoption

Zeeve has re-orchestrated the technology stack to meet the changing Enterprise needs for Managed Blockchain service – Heterogeneous Deployments, Monitoring and Analytics, On-demand scaling, Optimization and Self-healing of Nodes.

Enterprise ready with protocol optimised stack, continuous monitoring to achieve the desired 99.995 uptime and ready connectors to integrate your dApps with legacy enterprise apps.

Blockchain agnostic at core, we support all leading permissioned and federate blockchain protocols as well as Major Public blockchains. So you have unlimited choices when it comes to build the next dApp.

Our deployment strategies are highly optimised for each protocol. Our engineers have researched the best possible orchestrations for each protocols and programmed them in Zeeve to ensure that your networks stand secure, bulletproof and run flawlessly.

We made sure that the choice of infrastructure is not a limitation to automation you can have. Zeeve not only support all leading public clouds, also amazingly fits to your private and on premise infrastructures seamlessly. Decentralisation shall be kept that way.

Blockchain Protocols

30+ Supported Protocols & Integrations, and The list goes on...

Public, permissioned, or staking nodes – in the cloud or on-premise with enterprise grade security and monitoring. Access historic blockchain data with our high-performance, multi-chain API,  Ubiquity and key integrations for a complete blockchain solution.

Get your node deployed in matter of minutes and manage your nodes and networks with advance analytics, monitoring and real time alerts.

Our Strategy

Simple Steps to Build with us

All the tools for enterprises and Blockchain startups to build decentralized apps, deploy blockchain networks, monitor and grow.

Rapid Prototyping using Develop Toolkit
Any Protocol on any Cloud infrastructure
Analytics and Monitoring with alerts and notifications
On demand Scaling and Resource Optimizations

Build Powerful blockchain magic with Zeeve

Zeeve combines the most powerful developer tools in
blockchain with helpful resources, talented community, and support.



Zeeve is loved by enterprises, and developers across the globe.


Zeeve and Fluree’s technology integration will allow for faster blockchain development and deployments of enterprise solutions by combining Fluree’s blockchain data management technology with Zeeve’s infrastructure automation and advance analytics capabilities.

Brain Platz

CEO Fluree


When we looked for a Partner to support us in the development it had to be one that had our same Vision and Purpose at Blockchain DC. When we found Zeeve, we saw that they had an interdisciplinary group with the vision of transmitting knowledge beyond a service, to give an added value to our customers and also help us grow together.

Carmen Esther

CTO Co-Founder BDC


 Zeeve is an incredible partner for us. The Zeeve platform complements our innovative Blockchain courses to help students learn Blockchain practically from the comfort of their homes. It has taken the Blockchain learning to a next level by helping young students to become entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Jeeven Saini

CEO Sofocle Labs

Jeeven Saini

It worked like Magic! We tested every BaaS solution out there for Fabric and found Zeeve to be the best. Because, the depth of configurations and ease of use helped us deploy our Blockchain consortium in time with huge cost savings. The support from the Zeeve team was timely and noteworthy. It was like working with your own team.

Rishabh Garg

CTO Gram Cover

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