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Launch your Near Protocol Blockchain node with Zeeve, in minutes.

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Full Node

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$451 Monthly

Archive Node

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$875 Monthly

Validator Node

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$551 Monthly
99.99% uptime SLA
Advance Analytics
Proactive Monitoring
99.99% uptime SLA
Advance Analytics
Proactive Monitoring
Our Clients
“NEAR DA’s solution will be accessible to developers launching Layer 2 rollups with Zeeve RaaS, supporting various frameworks as a native integration. Moreover, Zeeve’s extensive partner ecosystem facilitates the integration of diverse protocols and tools, such as interoperability protocols, decentralized oracles, sequencing services, account abstraction SDKs, and more. These integrations are tailored to expand and enhance the functionality of smart contracts and sovereign rollups within the Zeeve RaaS platform.”
Sam Wang, Head of Business Development, NEAR Foundation
Sam Wang

Head of Business Development, NEAR Foundation

Build Your DApp on Near Protocol with Zeeve's
Scalable and Secure Infrastructure Platform

Zeeve is a leading provider of blockchain infrastructure offering a variety of services that can help
you build and deploy your dApp on Near


Secure Endpoints

Zeeve’s Near Validator Nodes are deployed with advanced security measures to provide secure endpoints for connecting to the network. Zeeve’s secure architecture ensures that your node is protected against any potential security breaches, allowing you to operate with confidence.
Arbitrum Nova

Lighting Fast Node

Lighting Fast Node Deployment

Deploying a Near Validator Node on Zeeve’s managed cloud is fast and easy. Developers can deploy their node in seconds, making it easier to build and scale new-age Web3 applications and dApps.

Developer Friendly

Developer Friendly

Zeeve’s managed hosting services for Near Validator Nodes are designed to optimize performance and availability. Developers can choose from various node configurations and deploy them on Zeeve’s platform with ease. Zeeve’s user-friendly monitoring dashboards and proactive alerts and notifications make it easier for developers to focus on building their applications.

Ready plugins

Ready plugins

Zeeve offers powerful tools and libraries to help developers set up their secure Near Validator Node via the user-friendly developer dashboard. With Zeeve’s support, developers can access the latest features of the Near Protocol and build innovative dApps more efficiently.

Enterprise grade Uptime

Zeeve’s redundant node configuration ensures that your Near Validator Node remains reliable and up and running. Zeeve provides multi-cloud, multi-region support to ensure that your node is always available, reducing the likelihood of potential downtime.

Node Monitoring

Zeeve’s node monitoring tools enable you to keep track of the performance and health of your Near Validator Node. You can set up alerts to notify you of any issues or errors, ensuring rapid deployment.
FLUREE stars
Zeeve and Fluree’s technology integration will allow for faster blockchain development and deployments of enterprise solutions by combining Fluree’s blockchain data management technology with Zeeve’s infrastructure automation and advance analytics capabilities.
Brian Platz
CEO, Fluree
BDC stars
When we looked for a Partner to support us in the development it had to be one that had our same Vision and Purpose at Blockchain DC. When we found Zeeve, we saw that they had an interdisciplinary group with the vision of transmitting knowledge beyond a service, to give an added value to our customers and also help us grow together.
Carmen Esther
CTO & Co-Founder, BDC
Zeeve is an incredible partner for us. The Zeeve platform complements our innovative Blockchain courses to help students learn Blockchain practically from the comfort of their homes. It has taken the Blockchain learning to a next level by helping young students to become entrepreneurs of tomorrow.
Jeeven Saini
CEO, Sofocles Labs
It worked like Magic! We tested every BaaS solution out there for Fabric and found Zeeve to be the best. Because, the depth of configurations and ease of use helped us deploy our Blockchain consortium in time with huge cost savings. The support from the Zeeve team was timely and noteworthy. It was like working with your own team.
Rishabh Garg
CTO, Gram Cover
COREUM stars
Zeeve was one of the first Coreum ecosystem partners, and we could not be more thrilled to have the project officially going live with Coreum Mainnet. Accessibility and reliability are both fundamental for companies to adopt blockchain solutions, and Zeeve provides uninterrupted access to Coreum, making it as easy as possible to run a validator node and reap the benefits of the ecosystem while contributing to network security,.
Bob Ras
Co-creator, Coreum