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BlockTickets partners with Zeeve for web3 infrastructure



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Web3 & NFTs

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Polygon and Avalanche

BlockTickets Platform

BlockTickets is a multichain web3 platform that is disrupting the web2 ticketing system. It offers smart tickets that beat ticketing fraud, fake tickets and scalpers. The platform has already hosted hundreds of large events including metaverse events.

It helps the consumers to move from the static tickets of today to dynamic NFT based tickets that are experiential with exciting features like bundled NFTs, secondary sales and ease of use. It also helps the event producers/ distributors from pre-financing the events to getting royalties from the secondary sale of tickets. The brand owners and advertisers can do targeted customer marketing by dropping brand NFTs directly into the consumer’s wallet.

The BlockTickets platform is very user-friendly and allows even the users with no knowledge of web3 to easily buy NFT tickets and use at the event. The platform is powered by Blockchain protocols like Polygon and Avalanche and smart contracts to mint NFT tickets, secondary trading of tickets and mobile app based proof of ownership at the event.

BlockTickets is the leading NFT Ticketing Platform that is redefining experiences through smart tickets and dynamic NFTs. BlockTickets platform is a multichain web3 platform and serves NFT tickets across industries.


The ticketing platform needs to be highly available with blazing performance. For the high selling events, there is a very small window to purchase tickets and the ticketing platform needs to cater to the sudden surge in traffic as well as user experience. In addition, a multi-chain platform needs to connect with multiple L1 Blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon and Avalanche in the case of BlockTickets.
In order to manage the user experience, prevent loss of potential revenue and cater to the growing web3 users for NFT tickets, BlockTickets was looking for a secure, scalable and reliable RPC Node provider that covers all their web3 infrastructure needs. They tried public end-points and some other RPC endpoints providers, but the availability and performance was becoming a big issue hampering adoption. That’s where they connected with Zeeve, a preferred RPC Node provider for Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche and many other EVM, Substrate and Custom blockchains.


Zeeve’s solution to meet BlockTickets’ challenges

Zeeve provisioned the secure RPC nodes for all the required blockchain protocols with developer-friendly APIs in no-time to enable the NFT infrastructure required by BlockTickets. Their dev team could migrate the web3 infrastructure to Zeeve in minutes and with no disruption to services. Zeeve also provided an analytics dashboard with pro-active alerts and notifications to help the BlockTickets’ dev team to manage the underlying infrastructure. Zeeve provided a dedicated support engineer to answer any queries by the dev team.


  • The availability and performance of services for NFT tickets minting and tickets verification improved significantly as compared to the public RPC endpoints and that provided by the previous provider.
  • BlockTickets dev team could work with a single provider for all their Blockchain protocols. They were also comforted by the fact that Zeeve already supports some of the protocols they are planning to add in future like Fantom, Tron, Near, etc.
  • Zeeve’s enterprise-grade deployment architecture also helped BlockTickets team to optimize the cost of web3 infrastructure.
  • With Zeeve’s 24x7 support engineers, GIT integration and automated CI/CD pipelines, the BlockTickets dev team is now working without any worries about the web3 infrastructure.

  • BlockTickets is excited to partner with Zeeve

    “Zeeve’s web3 infrastructure automation platform helped the dev team solve all the challenges about the web3 infrastructure and DevOps. The support has been impeccable and we can now focus fully on our dApp development and the roadmap.”

    Kartik Prajapat, Lead Blockchain Engineer, BlockTickets

    Kickstart your web3 journey with Zeeve

    • Zeeve supports the deployment and management of nodes on the leading Blockchain protocols and services like EthereumPolygonBNB Chain, Avalanche, Fantom, TronBitcoinAXIA, Phaeton, Polkadot…..more in progress.
    • Zeeve provides ready to plug services like decentralized storage, decentralized identity, oracles, IoT as a service, etc. for building your dApps faster. 
    • Zeeve provides both managed cloud and bring your own cloud options to choose from. With granular configurations, you can design your deployment architecture as per the need of your dApps. 
    • 24/7 support and proactive monitoring ensure the health of nodes all the time. We work smart so that you don’t need to worry about your web3 infrastructure. 


    To learn more about Zeeve, visit our Developer Center or join us on Twitter and Telegram. 

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