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Zeeve Offers Critical Avalanche Infrastructure Support for MELD


MELD Blockchain

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MELD is an innovative non-custodial DeFi protocol aiming to revamp the traditional financial ecosystem with the power of web3 finance. MELD adopts proof-of-stake consensus to enable staking on the MELD blockchain while supporting vital DeFi activities; lending & borrowing.

MELD offers a rich ecosystem consisting of MELD blockchain and MELDapp. Former represents a high-speed, low-code EVM chain for handling DeFi mechanics, including lending, borrowing, cross-chain token bridging, liquidity, and integrated fiat services. Latter is a multi-chain crypto wallet designed to streamline the bridging and swapping of cryptos or digital assets across Cardano, Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, and BSC. MELD has partnered with Zeeve RaaS to get critical support for Avalanche Subnets infrastructure and meanwhile streamlining the network operations and onboarding for their entire community.
MELD is an innovative, non-custodial PoS DeFi protocol aiming to revamp the traditional financial ecosystem with the power of web3 finance.


In 2023, MELD transitioned from being a solo Cardano project to a multi-chain DeFi protocol leveraging Avalanche Subnets infrastructure. The migration intended to power the MELD network with more robust security, higher scalability, customization, and performance while maintaining interoperability across all the chains supported on MELD.

To manage a full-fledged network, MELD had to maintain onboarding and performance of nodes; full node and validator nodes. Instead of making validators, node operators, and DeFi developers to come across the technical complexity of node setup and operation, MELD sought for a low-code approach in which operators can launch nodes within minutes, through a super easy way.

MELD also visioned for an advanced infrastructure monitoring system that can offer MELD Network’s participants a broader overview into their nodes, allowing them to benefit from end-to-end transparency and standardization.


1. Seamless nodes onboarding:

Zeeve offers a wizard-based configuration panel for low-code deployment of MELD blockchain’s nodes, eliminating all the complexities of coding or intensive technical knowledge. Operators can now launch their node in the MELD ecosystem within a few clicks, tapping into a whole new effortless node onboarding process.

2. 24/7 Infrastructure monitoring & analytics:

With rigorous 24/7 infra monitoring, Zeeve ensures uptime and sound health of MELD’s Subnet infrastructure, allowing nodes to function as expected while bypassing all the issues related to nodes, cloud resources, and logs.

3. Inclusion of Subnet management dashboard:

Zeeve grants MELD users full control over their subnets through a powerful subnet management dashboard. The dashboard offers a proactive infrastructure overview, a validator management panel, blockchain configurations, account control panel, alerts, and more.

4. Enterprise SLAs:

Zeeve implements proper enterprise SLAs for MELD, empowering optimal performance with 24x7 support team, round the clock infrastructure monitoring, and most importantly–99.9% uptime guarantee.


MELD’s partnership with Zeeve has driven significant results for their ecosystem, including:

  • Highest validator node count:
  • Leveraging Avalanche Subnet’s robust capabilities along with Zeeve’s high availability infrastructure, MELD has gained the momentum of being the subnet with highest validator count across all the 110+ subnets.

  • Boosting node performance:
  • Zeeve's provision of 24/7 infrastructure monitoring and resolution based on real-time alerts has boosted node performance, notably on the MELD’s blockchain.

  • Top-notch validator security & integrity:
  • With Zeeve’s top-notch validator security practices, operators on MELD allow their network operators to deploy and manage white-labeled validator nodes with all the critical security standards in place, including robust firewall protection and key management strategies, access-control permission, and more.

  • Operational cost saving:
  • Zeeve optimized MELD’s node and Subnet network instances, enabling a significant cost saving that would otherwise be needed to maintain extensive hardware resources, complex setup, and independent monitoring system.

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