Ledgerscore partners with Zeeve for Web3 infrastructure management.



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Financial services

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Ethereum, Binance, Polygon, and more to be added

LedgerScore Platform

LedgerScore is an independent financial and credit reporting platform for cryptocurrencies, DeFi, and traditional lending as well.

It aggregates data from cryptocurrency transactions that are digitally encoded on the Blockchain every time a transaction is made.

LedgerScore verifies user identity to each Blockchain transaction and cross-references it with their verified network users and business partners to determine user activity.

The company offers an easy-to-use dashboard and an array of financial tools to undertake said processes, and this is where the challenges arise.

LedgerScore is an independent financial and credit reporting platform for cryptocurrencies, DeFi, and traditional lending as well.


LedgerScore needs to be highly available, perform blazingly fast, and support multiple blockchain protocols to ensure a smooth operation on the platform. The challenge for Zeeve was fulfilling these demands and ensuring the platform experienced zero downtime.

In order to better manage the financial aggregator platform and cater to diverse requirements, LedgerScore was in search of a partner who offers a robust blockchain infrastructure that can help with the efficient and hassle-free deployment of all supported blockchain networks. They tried searching for a DevOps resource with experience and expertise in the deployment and management of nodes, but they have yet to find the most fitting one. LedgerScore required the blockchain node hosting provider to support all required Blockchain protocols and provide secure RPC endpoints and a management dashboard. That’s where Zeeve stepped in.


Zeeve’s solution to meet LedgerScore’s challenges

Zeeve helped LedgerScore by automating the entire DevOps lifecycle to accelerate the enterprise-grade blockchain node deployment and saved significant costs.

The technical support team of Zeeve, with expertise in different Blockchain protocols, simplified the deployment and management process and also ensured that all configurations and optimizations were taken care of so that the Web3 infrastructure could operate seamlessly.

Zeeve also provided LedgerScore with an analytical and monitoring dashboard to help with continuous alerts and proactive monitoring.


  • The availability and performance of Blockchain transitions improved considerably compared to the public RPC endpoints and other self-hosted options.
  • The developer team at LedgerScore now has a single platform to manage different blockchain protocols.
  • Zeeve’s enterprise-grade deployment architecture helped the LedgerScore team to save both time to market and costs.
  • With Zeeve’s 24x7 support engineers, GIT integration, and automated CI/CD pipelines, the LedgerScore team is now working without any worries about the web3 infrastructure.

    • LedgerScore is excited to partner with Zeeve

      "Zeeve has been essential to developing LedgerScore's web3 infrastructure and Credit Scoring solution. Thanks to Zeeve's reliable and accurate cross-chain data, we are able to deliver a top web3 credit scoring app quickly and with ease."

      - Arthur Meunier, COO

      Kickstart your web3 journey with Zeeve

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Ledgerscore partners with Zeeve for Web3 infrastructure management.

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