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Story behind Zeeve

Deploying and managing a Blockchain Network is complex and error prone. We learnt the hard way. No More....

We are a group of Blockchain, DLT & IOT developers and deployment enthusiast. We have been testing & trying different blockchain protocols since the very inception of them. It is our effort & enthusiasm which has taken us to many hackathons, events and also toward giving shape to several enterprise product ideas. It is during those hackathons, we realised the need to focus on development & innovation while some automations is taking care of the deployment and updates. It is during those productionalization, we realized that the quality of implementations is being built while some automation is taking care of standards in deployment and quality in execution post deployment.

The need of such automation drove us to the challenging question of Why not to build it in the first place? And yes, we started then and there with a skilled team, set of ideas and ambitious innovations in the mind.

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An innovative collective of like-minded folks making useful and
enduring technology products

Ravi Chamria

Ghan Vashishtha

Abhishek Rana

Sankalp Sharma

Prashant Prabhakar

Jatin Sharma

Shailendra Singh

Sanyam Gupta

Poonam Kumari

Arjun Chamyal

Neetu Gaira

Lakshay Gaur

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