Node Sale Launchpad

Node Sale Launchpad
Zeeve's Node Sale Launchpad
Invite your community to take an active role in your rollup’s operations and network security through direct ownership of node licenses.

Boost security & create additional token utility by empowering holders to operate Verifier Nodes with Zeeve Node Sale Launchpad

Enhanced Network Security

Verifier Nodes are essential for spotting and thwarting fraudulent transactions and errors in optimistic rollups, safeguarding the network.

Crowd Financing through Node Sales

Projects can significantly boost their funding by selling node licenses, opening a lucrative new revenue stream that supports further development.

Additional Token Utility

Requiring node operators to stake your token to run verifier nodes and paying gas in your native token add significant utility and demand for your tokens.

Economic Rewards

Offering your native token as a reward for node operation integrates it deeply into your rollup’s economy, enhancing its value and appeal.

Decentralization & Community Engagement

Allowing community members to operate nodes not only decentralizes control but also strengthens their commitment and connection to the project.

Economic Rewards

Offering your native token as a reward for node operation integrates it deeply into your rollup’s economy, enhancing its value and appeal.

Launch Your Node Sales Easy on Zeeve

Setup and Integration

Easily Deploy your rollup with Zeeve RaaS by choosing the OP Stack/ Arbitrum Orbit/ Hyperchain/Polygon CDK framework.

License Distribution

Conduct your Node Public Sale by selling Node Keys. Decide on participation mechanism, reselling rights, etc.

Ongoing Support

Node Key holders can run hosted Verifier Nodes using Zeeve Node-as-a-Service (NaaS) with full support from our expert team.

Enhance Your Rollup Security & Token Utility

Frequently asked questions

To initiate a Layer-2 or Layer-3 deployment using Zeeve, start by logging into the Zeeve Rollup-as-a-Service Dashboard. Here, you can select from diverse configurations such as OP Stack, Arbitrum Orbit, or Polygon CDK Stack to suit your project’s requirements. After deploying your blockchain, our team will help you define the participation mechanisms for your community members. Here are the options:

  1. Projects with an existing token require Node Operators to stake a specific amount of your native tokens to operate Verifier Nodes and earn rewards.

  2. For projects without a deployed token, allow participants to earn your token by purchasing licenses and operating Verifier Nodes through a Node Sale. Contact Zeeve to facilitate and strategize your Node Sale.

Verifier Node Operators play a crucial role in monitoring the updates to the blockchain state and detecting any invalid submissions by the network’s validators. When discrepancies are found, Verifier Nodes initiate a protocol to challenge and correct these invalid updates, ensuring the blockchain remains accurate and secure for all users.

Operating a Verifier Node provides significant benefits, including earning a mix of token rewards specified during the Node Sale and transaction fees from the blockchain operations. Verifier Nodes that are consistently online and validating state updates receive these rewards, contributing to the network’s security and efficiency.