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Hyperledger Besu

VRC Network is a Dubai-based, fully decentralized, Proof of Stake (PoS) multi-level staking platform that utilizes a unique approach for seamless staking participation and reward earning. The platform prioritizes high security and transparency so that users' assets are safe forever and network operations are efficient.

Aggregating a total of around 200K members, 19.64M staked VRCs, and 9.533M successful withdrawals– the VRC Network is now one of the leading blockchain-based staking ecosystems that empowers individuals across the globe to maximize their passive income through staking on their innovative platform. The more participants one adds through referrals, the more rewards they aggregate, hence, this network works more on a concept similar to multi-level businesses.

VRC Network is a fully decentralized, Proof of Stake (PoS) multi-level staking platform for seamless staking participation and reward earning.


VRC Network has been using Hyperledger Besu blockchain to match their requirement for custom ERC-20 token, VRC Coin, Ethereum-compatibility, privacy & permissioning aspects. However, their team later realized that their existing network architecture posed challenges that led to decline performance and meanwhile impacted the ecosystem's traffic handling capability to ensure quality performance during traffic surge.

Also, the VRC chain looked to implement property security standards for the safety of its validators and wallet keys. For example, its admin-level RPC APIs were public, which could have damaged the network, impacting operational efficiency and, ultimately, the user experience.

In view of all these challenges, VRC Network sought upgradation to a production-level Hyperledger Besu network, overcoming all the existing operational, security, and stability challenges. Their team engaged Zeeve to support the seamless, well-strategized modernization of their underlying ecosystem with zero friction or data safety concerns.


Considering all the VRC Network's challenges and transformation goals, Zeeve undertook a project that comprises these main solutions:

Production-grade, cluster-based architecture:

Ensuring safe & effortless migration of VRC Network's old infrastructure setup to Kubernetes' cluster-based architecture, which is fully production-grade. This allows VRC Network to maintain high stability and resilience even during traffic surge while being able to automatically manage their network for upscaling or downscaling with zero downtime.

Auto-load balancing RPCs:

Enabling auto scaling and load balancing RPCs optimized for high–availability. These load balancers identify the heavy amount of traffic in real-time without requiring any human intervention, thus distributing the load equally to all the RPCs, enabling a transition to handle even mass traffic smoothly.

Top-notch validator security & management:

Implementing top-grade security standards through real-time node monitoring and logging strategy, firewall protection and key management practices, securing VRC Network’s wallet & validator keys. Also, Zeeve has privatized their validator set using a highly strict file system, access control permissions, and encrypted-enable storage system to avoid exposure of the sensitive information to unauthorized users.

24/7 monitoring with access controls:

Configuring 24/7 monitoring dashboard to produce comprehensive insights about the VRC Network's performance. The dashboard features a sophisticated alert system that produces vital metrics related to cloud, logs, nodes, and hardware resources like memory & disk usage, peer count, syncing issues, and various blockchain-level parameters for a proactive identification and resolution of issues beforehand.


VRC Network's transition to production-grade Hyperledger Besu network with Zeeve's infrastructure, has driven the following remarkable results:

  • Enhanced scalability:
  • VRC Network can now handle around 12K daily transactions, which is a notable improvement in the network's previous capability of handling around 3K daily transactions.

  • Reduction in Infrastructure cost :
  • By shifting the VRC Network to a cluster-based architecture, Zeeve has allowed them to cut down the total infrastructure cost by approximately 1/3 of the infrastructure cost compared to their previous setup.

  • Enterprise SLA:
  • Zeeve facilitates high network stability for the VRC Network's Besu infrastructure with Enterprise SLA above 99.9% and high-availability load balancers, allowing the network to handle significantly greater amounts of traffic with zero downtime issues.

  • Top-grade Security:
  • Zeeve's ISO, SOC 2 Type II, and GDPR compliance offer top-grade security for the whole VRC ecosystem.

    Also, Zeeve has added privacy to its validator setup, allowing the participation of only authorized validators while leaving no room for threats & attacks.

  • 24/7 Support assistance:
  • Zeeve provides a 24/7 active and highly experienced support team for VRC Network, guaranteeing them immediate assistance at every turn.

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