Avalanche Subnets

Launch your Avalanche
Instantly with the Zeeve Platform
Build and Deploy Avalanche Subnets with plug and play dev tools
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“We are immensely excited to collaborate with Zeeve, who has proven instrumental in facilitating MELD’s vision of seamless and efficient Node operation, “Zeeve’s scalable services and easy onboarding mechanism have been pivotal in our success of becoming the largest subnet on Avalanche. This collaboration will undoubtedly propel us further in our commitment to our community and the broader Avalanche ecosystem.”
Ken Olling
Ken Olling

Co-Founder, MELD

Zeeve’s application of world-class blockchain infrastructure technology enables us to improve healthcare information security with multi-jurisdictional compliance, and that is a market differentiator we’re extremely proud of. Our partnership brings to market innovative and advanced technology with a patient-centric mindset, ensuring the highest safety and efficiency standards. Zeeve’s global approach aligns seamlessly with Rymedi’s goal to bring increased wellness to patients worldwide, solving life science market issues head-on.
David Stefanich
David Stefanich

CEO, Rymedi

Build A Scalable Avalanche Subnet
With Zeeve

Zeeve extends its enterprise-grade infrastructure management platform to Avalanche Subnets enabling 
builders to launch their own Blockchain. From deployments to 24×7 monitoring, Zeeve handles all for you
so that you can focus on building your business