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Why ‘no-code’ blockchain infrastructure automation platforms are the key to faster Web3 adoption globally

The internet has evolved in the last three decades, from static information exchange in web 1.0 to more collaborative and social web 2.0. Now web 3.0 promises to make the web more democratic and value-driven, and restores the control in the hands of the users. Today, web3 and the underlying blockchain technology that powers are gaining massive traction across industries with their proven real-world applications.

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India: 5G deployment to accelerate blockchain technology adoption, expert says

The Indian Express spoke with several of these experts including Sunil David, co-chair of the IET Future Tech Panel’s digital communications working group; Dr. Ravi Chamria, CEO and co-founder of Zeeve, a blockchain infra automation platform; and Edul Patel, CEO and co-founder of digital assets exchange Mudrex.

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5G could change the blockchain and metaverse industry forever, experts say

4G couldn’t completely fulfil the demands on latency and density this ecosystem required. 5G is not only designed to improve the speed and latency but also allows a proximity-driven approach to help the distributed and decentralised application ecosystem,” Dr Ravi Chamria, CEO and co-founder of Blockchain Infra Automation platform, Zeeve tells indianexpress.com.

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Zeeve raises USD 2.65 mn in seed funding led by Leo Capital

Blockchain Technology startup Zeeve has raised USD 2.65 million in a seed funding round from Leo Capital and Blu Ventures.The funds raised from the current round will be used for bolstering product development,

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