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A Telecom Giant
Building a Blockchain-based Consortium Network with Zeeve


One of the biggest, global providers of advanced telecommunication services in the world.

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Telecom, Blockchain Consortium Network

Blockchain Protocol :

R3 Corda


The client had very clear goals to achieve for the Blockchain network:

  • Help, build, and scale the consortium automatically.
  • Reduce time in research and creating development & production environments.
  • To make the blockchain network be cross-cloud and make it deployable/extendable according to demand.
  • Allow constant monitoring for the distributed network.
  • The multinational telecommunications conglomerate has launched a Blockchain based consortium network with partners in multiple territories across Asia, Africa, Europe, and Oceania. The network is built using R3 Corda protocol.


    The multinational telecommunications conglomerate team was facing the following hurdles in deploying the optimum Blockchain Network for the specified business goals:
    • A quick and easy development environment setup with the desired consensus option and logging options of the nodes for debugging.
    • Standardized implementation so that there are no missing parameters or bugs in the deployed network.
    • No external dependencies including cloud lock-in.
    • Proactive monitoring and alerts so as to avoid setting up a dedicated internal DevOps team.
    • Heterogeneous cloud deployment support to accommodate the cloud preferences of different consortium partners.
    • Easy and automated onboarding process for consortium partners on the Blockchain network, meeting compliances and access controls.
    • Automation of CI/CD pipelines


    • What would have taken ~6 man-days along with good expertise on Corda, Cortide, Kubernetes, helm, etc, Zeeve platform helped deploy the development environment in 15 minutes, including the account setup and authorization..

    • Zeeve facilitated easy network setup with all the configurations and parameters taken care of and the network working flawlessly.

    • The service layer required endpoints of both Corda nodes and Cordite services to work with on a heterogenous cloud architecture. Zeeve’s 100% automation and configurable platform helped to achieve this in less than 20 minutes. Zeeve also allows users to easily add/remove or reconfigure nodes on demand, thus saving crucial time and also additional effort.

    • Zeeve’s analytical and monitoring dashboard with configurable alerts provided the client with proactive monitoring.

    • Zeeve helped deploy the networks in private and public cloud environments and also supported other cloud preferences of the consortium partners.

    • Zeeve allowed basic invite-based network sharing where industry stakeholders could accept the invitation and bootstrap a node in their cloud and be part of the same network

    • Zeeve automated the deployment process & set up of CI-CD pipelines


    • A hassle-free experience to the client by setting up the standardized development and production Blockchain networks – faster, enterprise-grade, bug-free and compliant.
    • Saved significant costs – Zeeve helped the global telecom conglomerate by automating the entire DevOps lifecycle for accelerating the Enterprise Blockchain Implementation
    • Faster time to market by ~80% – Zeeve accomplished the complex deployment of Blockchain network of Corda & Cordite Go live within days’ time.
    • Proactive Monitoring – Zeeve features advance analytics and proactive monitoring of Blockchain and cloud resources.
    • Technical support – Experts from the Zeeve team helped with technicalities and complexities involved with the deployment of the enterprise blockchain solutions. Zeeve team of architects, engineers and blockchain experts supplemented the client’s team with the much-needed support for integration of the legacy systems.

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    A Telecom Giant

    Building a Blockchain-based Consortium Network with Zeeve



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