Zeeve Adds Support for Moonbeam Blockchain
Zeeve Team
Zeeve Team
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moonbeam and zeeve

Now, dApp developers can run high-performing Moonbeam RPC nodes and access blazing-fast APIs on Zeeve. 

We are excited to add support for Moonbeam – an Ethereum-compatible environment on Polkadot. Moonbeam emphasizes the ideals of decentralization, security, scalability, and interoperability between blockchains and brings the same to the Zeeve platform. Zeeve helps web3 developers and enterprises connect with blockchains using the most reliable and secure web3 infrastructure platform. Now you can deploy reliable Moonbeam parachain nodes –  both developer and validator nodes, and get secure API endpoints to connect blazingly fast with Moonbeam. 

Moonbeam is more than just an EVM implementation: it’s a highly specialized Layer 1 chain that mirrors Ethereum’s Web3 RPC, accounts, keys, subscriptions, logs, and more. The Moonbeam platform extends the base Ethereum feature set with additional features such as on-chain governance, staking, and cross-chain integrations.

The Moonbeam network support is now available on Zeeve, an industry leader in military-grade secure node operation and shared APIs with excellent uptime and performance. By utilizing Moonbeam’s capabilities on Zeeve, web3 developers can run their dApps more efficiently than ever before.

What makes Moonbeam Special? 

In a world where brands start as decentralized entities and transform into centralized ventures, Moonbeam is headstrong on remaining decentralized and permissionless. This means that developers can easily foresee the future of their dApps and smart contracts and all the possibilities this brings about. 

Moonbeam offers precompiled contracts with a Solidity interface for users to access Substrate via Ethereum API but bypassing the EVM. This means developers don’t have to go through the hassle of coding smart contracts from scratch and use Moonbeams precompiled contracts to create dApps. 

With its full EVM implementation, developers can scale up existing Ethereum dApps with ease. Also, moonbeam ensures that all the familiar tools you’ve grown accustomed to using, like Metamask, Remix, Hardhat, Waffle, and Truffle, will work seamlessly so you can focus on creating your projects without any extra effort. All these contribute to its ever-growing reputation as an innovative and future-proof blockchain platform.

Moonbeam on Zeeve:

Get the most out of Zeeve’s enterprise-grade web3 infrastructure management platform to make your web development on the Moonbeam network smoother and more seamless. Find out all that Zeeve has to offer for Moonbeam deployment.

1. Moonbeam-managed parachain nodes or Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC):

Deploy the Moonbeam network with the help of Zeeve. Deploy either a fully managed Moonbeam node service or bring your own cloud and use Zeeve for deployment, monitoring, and management. We support all major cloud providers. 

2. Secure RPC endpoints:

Use the Zeeve proprietary architecture to gain access to secure connections on the Moonbeam using military-grade security features.

3. Developer Friendly:

Zeeve’s Moonbeam node-managed service is highly optimized for performance and availability. The platform supports TestNet and MainNet deployments, full and archive nodes.  You are assured about your Moonbeam nodes’ health using Zeeve’s user-friendly monitoring dashboards and proactive alerts & notifications.

4. Enterprise-grade uptime:

The Zeeve Moonbeam node service is a must-have for any developer looking for a platform with a powerful on-chain governance model that allows the blockchain to implement changes automatically without a hard fork. With our high availability, reliability & performance, you can focus more time developing your application instead of worrying about server uptime or speed!

5. Ready plugins:

Work with flexible APIs, powerful tools, and a ready set of libraries available to set up with your secure Moonbeam node via a simple control panel.

6. Monitoring:

Monitoring ensures that your network remains safe and secure. We monitor Moonbeam nodes in the chain, so you always know what’s happening with them!

Building the web3 infrastructure for a decentralized future

Zeeve has been at the forefront of building web3 infrastructure and more than 15,000 developers and Blockchain startups trust Zeeve for their critical web3 infrastructure. Adding  Moonbeam support to our existing infrastructure stack is just one more way we’re supporting developer success within the blockchain space. 

“Continuing our promise of increasing the reach of the enterprise-grade web3 infrastructure platform to the whole of the web3 ecosystem, we are excited to announce the support of Moonbeam, an Ethereum-compatible smart contract parachain on Polkadot, on the Zeeve platform. Now the web3 developers building on Moonbeam can leverage an enterprise-grade web3 infrastructure including elastic APIs and Moonbeam full nodes using the Zeeve platform.”

Dr. Ravi Chamria

Co-founder and CEO of Zeeve

Need more information on Moonbeam? Want to learn more about how we can help? Connect with us today and see how Zeeve can simplify your Moonbeam blockchain node deployment experience. 

Kickstart your web3 journey with Zeeve:

About Zeeve

Zeeve is the leading Blockchain Infrastructure Automation Platform helping enterprises and Blockchain startups build, deploy and manage reliable web3 infrastructure.

Zeeve is a low code web3 DevOps automation platform that is cloud agnostic and supports multiple Blockchain protocols with advanced analytics and monitoring nodes and networks.

Zeeve features a robust set of APIs to build DApps for a plethora of use cases across industries, including asset tokenization, NFTs, DEX, Stablecoins, etc. Zeeve supports Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space with decentralized storage, trusted nodes, and smart contracts.

To learn more about Zeeve, visit our Developer Center or join us on Twitter and Telegram


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