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Zeeve provides detailed analytics for both the Blockchain and cloud resources to enable your DevOps to stay on top of Kusama network health and uptime.
Intuitive Dashboard
Zeeve provides an intuitive dashboard to manage all the Kusama nodes with alerts and notifications in one place.
Visualize your Kusama network and all the node-level activities with ready stats and actionable insights.
Zeeve provides detailed analytics for both the Blockchain and cloud resources to enable your DevOps to stay on top of Kusama network health and uptime.
Intuitive Dashboard
Zeeve provides an intuitive dashboard to manage all the Kusama nodes with alerts and notifications in one place.
Visualize your Kusama network and all the node-level activities with ready stats and actionable insights.

Why Zeeve for your Moonbeam node?

Secure Endpoints
Use the Zeeve proprietary architecture to deploy nodes with military-grade security – highly secure endpoints to securely connect with the network.
Developer Friendly
Zeeve Moonbeam parachain node service is highly optimized for availability, reliability, and performance to enable developers to focus on building dApps and smart contracts on polkadot.
Ready plugins
Work with flexible APIs, powerful tools, and a ready set of libraries available to set up with your secure Moonbeam node via a simple control panel.
Enterprise grade Uptime
Automatedly configure a redundant node to ensure the reliability of the service or applications. Multi-cloud, multi-region support.
Moonbeam Main Network Support
Choose and deploy on the available Moonbeam mainnet parachain - Moonbeam.
Moonbeam Testnet Network Support
Choose and deploy on the available Moonbeam testnet parachain - Moonriver.
We provide monitoring of moonbeam nodes in the network. All nodes are monitored and alerts/ notifications are sent to the users if anything goes wrong in their network.
Zeeve and Fluree’s technology integration will allow for faster blockchain development and deployments of enterprise solutions by combining Fluree’s blockchain data management technology with Zeeve’s infrastructure automation and advance analytics capabilities.

When we looked for a Partner to support us in the development it had to be one that had our same Vision and Purpose at Blockchain DC. When we found Zeeve, we saw that they had an interdisciplinary group with the vision of transmitting knowledge beyond a service, to give an added value to our customers and also help us grow together.

Zeeve is an incredible partner for us. The Zeeve platform complements our innovative Blockchain courses to help students learn Blockchain practically from the comfort of their homes. It has taken the Blockchain learning to a next level by helping young students to become entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

It worked like Magic! We tested every BaaS solution out there for Fabric and found Zeeve to be the best. Because, the depth of configurations and ease of use helped us deploy our Blockchain consortium in time with huge cost savings. The support from the Zeeve team was timely and noteworthy. It was like working with your own team.

Zeeve was one of the first Coreum ecosystem partners, and we could not be more thrilled to have the project officially going live with Coreum Mainnet. Accessibility and reliability are both fundamental for companies to adopt blockchain solutions, and Zeeve provides uninterrupted access to Coreum, making it as easy as possible to run a validator node and reap the benefits of the ecosystem while contributing to network security,.

At Tezos India, we are always keen to collaborate with brands that share our vision for the adoption of blockchain. We found a like-minded partner in Zeeve and their enthusiastic team has the potential to ensure a smooth transition of businesses to Web 3.0. This partnership aligns with our mission to foster innovation and enable seamless access to our blockchain technology. We look forward to seeing the positive impact of this collaboration on the Tezos ecosystem..

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Zeeve Inc. as a Supernets Implementation Partner. Zeeve's strong capabilities in enterprise-grade AppChain deployments and dedication to innovation and excellence resonate well with our values at Polygon. Working together, we aim to deliver scalable, secure, and efficient Supernets AppChains infrastructure solutions while striving to enhance our services for our clients. This partnership enables us to offer various services, including implementing, deploying, and maintaining Supernets AppChains, focusing on meeting our clients' needs and promoting adopting AppChains technologies responsibly and sustainably.

We are thrilled about this integration with Zeeve. It will bring significant benefits to our users and validators, enabling them to easily deploy and manage Shardeum validator nodes on a reliable and secure platform. We believe that this collaboration will accelerate the adoption of our technology and further strengthen the security and decentralization of Shardeum.

Rapid deployment of reliable web3 infrastructure, which enables developer adoption is a key focus for DComm. Given the highly skilled team of Zeeve, headed by Dr Ravi and Ghan, partnering was an obvious choice. The Zeeve partnership means DComm is already ahead of the curve in enabling devs to build dApps, provision nodes, validate and stake.

"The collaboration between Energy Web and Zeeve marks an important milestone in the evolution of validator infrastructure for our enterprise member community. Infrastructure-as-a-service streamlines the process of participating as a validator, allowing companies to focus on their core business while helping maintain the integrity and security of the network,"

"We are immensely excited to collaborate with Zeeve, who has proven instrumental in facilitating MELD's vision of seamless and efficient Node operation, "Zeeve's scalable services and easy onboarding mechanism have been pivotal in our success of becoming the largest subnet on Avalanche. This collaboration will undoubtedly propel us further in our commitment to our community and the broader Avalanche ecosystem."

"Partnering with Zeeve will open many doors for Telos and our entire global community by onboarding one of the world's leading blockchain infrastructure management organizations into our growing ecosystem, Not only can Zeeve assist with node deployment and management on Telos, but they can also introduce our network to a huge community of technologists in one of the world's fastest developing nations."

"Zeeve’s application of world-class blockchain infrastructure technology enables us to improve healthcare information security with multi-jurisdictional compliance, and that is a market differentiator we’re extremely proud of. Our partnership brings to market innovative and advanced technology with a patient-centric mindset, ensuring the highest safety and efficiency standards. Zeeve’s global approach aligns seamlessly with Rymedi’s goal to bring increased wellness to patients worldwide, solving life science market issues head-on."

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Key Features of Moonbeam


Ethereum Compatibility

Moonbeam offers compatibility with Ethereum’s Web3 API and EVM. Moonbeam is a Layer 1 chain that takes the power of Ethereum's Web3 RPC and doubles it. By extending its feature set, Moonbeam provides users with an extra layer of capabilities like accounts, keys management and subscription logs with additional features such as on-chain governance, staking, and cross-chain integrations - creating an even more immersive experience!


Cross-Chain Integration

Moonbeam is to provide an easy way for developers to use smart contracts to integrate with other chains in the Polkadot ecosystem. Extend your project to reach users and assets on Polkadot through Moonbeam. Combine functionality from multiple specialized chains to create a comprehensive DApp


Nimbus Parachain Consensus Framework

Nimbus is a framework for building slot-based consensus algorithms on Cumulus-based parachains. It strives to provide standard implementations for the logistical parts of such consensus engines and helpful traits for implementing the elements (filters) that researchers and developers want to customize. These filters can be customizable to define what a block authorship slot is and can be composed, so block authorship is restricted to a subset of collators in multiple steps.


Proof of Stack

Moonbeam uses a block production mechanism based on Polkadot's Proof-of-Stake model, where there are collators and validators. Collators maintain parachains (in this case, Moonbeam) by collecting transactions from users and producing state transition proofs for the relay chain validators. The candidates in the active set of collators (nodes that produce blocks) are selected based on their stake in the network

Frequently asked questions about Moonbeam

What Moonbeam networks does Zeeve support?

Zeeve supports the deployment and monitoring of both the Moonbeam testnet – Moonriver (Kusama) and MainNet – Moonbeam (Polkadot) networks over the cloud of your choice.

Which all clouds are supported for Moonbeam nodes deployment?

We support all major cloud providers with VM based native orchestration strategy. The clouds supported are AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud and Private Cloud.

Do you provide monitoring and analytics for Moonbeam nodes?

Yes, Zeeve provides detailed cloud monitoring alongside Moonbeam parameters which helps in maintaining the uptime of your node.

Can I bring my own cloud?

Yes, Zeeve supports both Bring your own Cloud (BYOC) and Zeeve Managed Service deployment options.

Why Zeeve

Why Zeeve for your Moonbeam Deployment and Management ?

Zeeve is trusted by 25000+ developers, Blockchain startups and enterprises for their Blockchain deployments and management


Save as much as 97% of your time by using Zeeve for Blockchain node and cloud provisioning in a secure manner


Setup a secure and reliable Blockchain nodes and network using Zeeve's deeper understanding of protocols and DApps

Zeeve Experts

Achieve better ROI and TCO using Zeeve's automated deployment, monitoring, analytics and integrations

Better ROI

Grow your network by inviting other members to deploy their own infrastructure through simple network management and operation tools.

Start your Blockchain Project with the help of our Team of Experts.

Meet our world famous support team. They are fast, they are smart, and they will help you out any time.