Exploring the list of current Avalanche Subnets: projects built on its ecosystem
Dr. Ravi Chamria
Dr. Ravi Chamria
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Avalanche Subnet

With application-specific blockchains or appchains becoming the ultimate choice of web3 projects, Avalanche has taken vital tech leaps to offer complex, future-oriented use cases a reality for businesses. Hence, using Avalanche Subnets, a range of institutions spanning DeFi, NFTs, TradeFi, insurance, entertainment, and more are making their dream project a reality. Considering the next-level capabilities of Subnets being secure, flexible, highly customizable, and high-speed– even the largest institutions are building on it. 

If you are looking to build your project as an Avalanche Subnet, then you may want to look into how others are leveraging Subnets. This article will provide you with an all-inclusive Avalanche Subnets list. These insights will help you start with Avalanche Subnets and leverage its full potential. 

A List of all the current Avalanche Subnets

The following Avalanche Subnets list is based on the current projects that are deployed or running on the Avalanche Subnet’s ecosystem. You can track these subnets and their progress on Avalanche explorer

Avalanche Subnets

Beam Subnet: Merit Circle

Merit Circle– the metaverse-based DAO, has launched its gaming-focused Subnet on the Avalanche ecosystem. Merit Circle chose Avalanche Subnets due to the network’s excellent speed, fast settlement of transactions, high-end security, and the ease of unbounded customization of the ecosystem as per changing project needs.  Beam’s mainnet is live and is available for the first set of game developers. With Subnets, Beam is running as an independent, standalone blockchain–enabling players to engage in exciting NFT games where users can get ownership and complete control of assets while developers can  build highly feasible gaming dApps without complexities.

DFK Subnet: DeFi Kingdom 

DeFi Kingdom– the leading blockchain-powered game that combines NFTs and DeFi has launched its own custom blockchain called DFK Subnet. 

DeFi Kingdom’s goal of building the DFK subnet is to become a highly scalable, secure, and congestion-free ecosystem for community members and web3 projects to launch innovative blockchain and DeFi games in line with the platform’s primary offering– Crystalvale. Data archives from Synapse, a bridge protocol, mentions that the DFK chain is seeing a high surge in volume as a lot of new users move their assets to the DFK subnet. Hence, the subnet has started recording 10x more transactions and the amount of monthly transactions has nearly doubled up. Thus, DFK Subnet is becoming a full-fledged GameFi ecosystem with millions of daily active users. 

DOS Subnet: DOS Labs

DOS Labs– a prominent gaming studio, is next on Avalanche Subnets list. It has more than 400K daily players and has deployed its Avalanche Subnet; DOS Chain. With this customized, dedicated blockchain– DOS Labs enables the developers to innovate and build highly feasible games instead of facing network congestion and slow response times due to all types of transactions happening on a single, shared ecosystem. 

With Subnets, DOS chain implements a unique consensus developed by a team of Cornell computer scientists that can process transactions in less than one second. Further, DOS chain can now process 4,500 TPS, can shield against network attacks, implement custom rule sets, and compatibility with all the Ethereum tools, including MetaMask, Remix Truffle, and others.

Dexalot Subnet: Dexalot Exchange

Dexalot– the popular crypto exchange platform launched its own Subnet in February this year, making Dexalot’s decentralized, on-chain exchange experience feel like the centralized exchange. Traders on Dexalot now experience fast transaction finality, low transaction fees, intuitive and easy-to-understand UI/UX, minimal slippage, and possession of assets

Further, the hybrid Subnet architecture allows exchange users to deposit their assets safely on Avalanche C-chain and use these assets for trading on Dexalot Subnet. Additionally, Dexalot has implemented Avalanche wrap messaging (AWM) to increase their platform’s efficiency and enhance overall security. 

Loco Legends Subnet: Loco 

Loco, the leading Indian streaming platform, is utilizing the custom Avalanche Subnets ecosystem for the purpose of launching a range of Web3 products while moving their 50+ million users to the Loco Legends Subnet. 

Loco’s inspiration for building on Avalanche comes from this blockchain’s capabilities of handling high user engagement, keeping the network fees minimal, ensuring low latency, and meanwhile allowing the Subnet to scale a huge user base of billions of customers

Also, Avalanche’s Avalanche Warp Messaging (AWM) enables the Loco players to trade their collectibles freely with other Avalanche’s assets. Loco further gets full support from Avalanche through its Multiverse Incentive Program, designed to simplify the launch of NFT marketplaces

MELD Subnet: MELD 

MELD has launched its own Avalanche Subnet to provide its users with a unified ecosystem to manage their crypto and fiat assets without any complexities. 

MELD chose Subnet because Avalanche Subnets offer excellent transaction throughput capacity to match TradeFi standards. Also, MELD will have complete control over its infrastructure’s security; it can maintain interoperability with other Subnets, and enhance overall performance of the network while granting users greater control over their assets. Thereby, MELD is providing a more decentralized and fair trading experience for everyone.

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Mintara Subnet: Playthink Inc

Playthink Inc. has launched its blockchain– ‘Mintara’ as Avalanche Subnets. The project utilizes Ava Cloud technology offered by Ava Labs to experience a digitally native cloud-managed service. 

Mintara basically aims to facilitate the power of web3 for corporate-based activities such as NFT distribution to support customer communication. 

With Subnet, Mintara runs and operates as a private chain that allows the users to perform transactions without paying fee as crypto tokens, fasten transaction processing capability, and maintain interoperability with other Subnets. Plus, using Ava Cloud, Mintara achieves high compatibility with EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) and its full-fledged ecosystem of Ethereum-powered assets. 

Rymedi Subnets: Rymedi 

Rymedi–  the leading healthcare technology enabler, has moved from a public blockchain ecosystem to a sovereign network powered by Avalanche Subnets. To date, Rymedi has deployed three Subnets– Rymedi Identity Subnet, Rymedi Transaction Subnet, and Rymedi Compliance Subnet. The three Subnets allow Rymedi to improve their healthcare outcomes while streamlining the operational efficiency by offloading the transactions mainchain to different chains. Although deployed as separate Subnets, these chains can interoperate, allowing Rymedi to achieve its goal of creating a connected ecosystem with independent chains that offer high data integrity, network security with high-speed transactions, and regulatory compliance.

Rymedi’s transition to Avalanche Subnets has brought them various benefits such as around 90% reduction in time-to-market, 70% decrease in network and operational costs. Want to learn more about how Rymedi is leveraging the benefits from Subnets? Read our detailed report on this below:

Zeeve Partnership Powers Rymedi’s Evolution

Sharpnel Subnet: Sharpnel 

Sharpnel– the most anticipated GameFi project, has launched its own Subnet on Avalanche to deploy a first-person shooter (FPS) game. Subnets provide Shrapnel with an independent and fully customizable ecosystem that can be optimized for high performance and resilience. 

The team at Shrapnel also leverages the energy efficiency from Avalanche as it emits almost no carbon. On average, Avalanche uses 0.0005% of the energy first-generation blockchain consumes. 

Further, Subnets enables Sharpnel to offer best-in-class performance due to its innovative architecture, snowman consensus, and enterprise-grade security guarantees. With Sharpnel’s FPS game, players will be able to purchase and own avatar NFT and other in-game assets, leveraging the full value of a play-to-earn kind of game. 

StepApp Subnet : Step protocol

Step protocol has launched its own independent network with Avalanche Subnets to provide an ecosystem to its ‘Move-to-earn’ fitness app– StepApp. The Subnet is an application-specific blockchain that uses its own custom token; $FITFI, for gas and other purposes like incentivizing the validators. 

The goal of StepApp joining the Subnet ecosystem is to allow their fitness project to scale on demand, reduce the transaction cost significantly, and enhance the speed and performance of StepApp. 

StepApp expects to expand its network with a series of up-and-coming projects and hence, it seeks a custom congestion-free atmosphere that does not get affected by sudden surge in users or traffic. Additionally, having a dedicated blockchain allows StepApp to easily communicate with other subnets and blockchain via bridging, thus maintaining interoperability. 

UPTN Subnet: SK Planet

SK Planet– the South Korea-based data management and marketing platform, has launched its UPTN subnet on Avalanche to deploy numerous SK planet’s applications and services on this Subnet. 

The UPTN subnet will further allow merchants and customers to use web3 wallets, NFT-powered digital collectibles, and decentralized communities, and more. 

Powered by Avalanche, UPTN subnet maintains its integration with OCB and other SK Planet’s apps that allow tens of millions of users to access NFT assets, community features, the benefits from dynamic membership, and a lot more. 

XANA Subnet: XANA Metaverse 

XANA– the ultimate web3.0 metaverse has launched “XANA Chain” with $XETA as the gas token on the Avalanche Subnets ecosystem, achieving its aim of bringing its flagship metaverse on a single-use blockchain to ensure high-speed transactions, ultra-low cost experience, and the ability to scale next billions of customers. 

With Subnet, XANA leverages the security equal to a top-10 smart contract blockchain, yet its ecosystem remains independent to offer rapid TPS speed and low-cost transactions. All these benefits allow XANA to perfectly serve the global tourism and entertainment markets, expanding their business constantly. 


PLAYA3ULL Games– the forerunner in the blockchain gaming space, is expanding its usability by introducing its own custom blockchain built as Avalanche Subnets. 

Transitioning to Subnet allows PLAYA3ULL to ensure robust security on the network while enhancing the integration capabilities. PLAYA3ULL Games further uses this sovereign blockchain to host a variety of nodes that are essential for 3ULL’s daily production of coins. 

PLAYA3ULL Games has coupled the features of Avalanche Subnets with their deflationary coin-burn mechanic, which allows the ecosystem to expand and scale endlessly. 

Gunzilla Subnet: Gunzilla Games

Gunzilla Games, the independent game studio, has launched its AAA shooter game- GUNZ on a blockchain-powered digital economy platform built on Avalanche Subnets. Gunzilla has customized GUNZ’s ecosystem to offer seamless gameplay, use the in-game token as gas fee, and provide a more intuitive experience to the plates by increasing the response time, and throughput capability while ensuring low-latency for users. With the launch of GUNZ, Gunzilla further aims to reinvent its gaming landscape with a powerful in-game asset management system, along with integrating numerous industry-leading features for developers. 

IntainMarkets: Intain Inc.

Intain Inc., the leading finance platform, has launched its first on-chain marketplace— IntainMarkets that offers tokenized assets, investment and end-to-end administration of asset-backed securities. IntainMarkets chose Subnets due to its unique architecture that enables financial institutions to create and deploy their permissioned network with their own regulatory requirements, increasing the network’s transaction speed, performance, and security. 

The on-chain platform also allows Intainmarkets to make approximately $8-10 million transactions economically viable for the investors. On top of all these, Intainmarkets benefit from having their own custom token rather than using a public token while they also get validators that are verified individuals and U.S entities. Thereby, Intainmarkets continues to achieve its business goals with Avalanche Subnets. 

Pulsar Subnet: Pulsar Games

Pulsar has launched its MMO- massively multiplayer online and RTS– real-time strategy game as Avalanche Subnets. With Subnets, the games at Pulsar have experienced tons of improvement in speed, insulation from the congestion of big layers, and the ability to customize our gas token for specific requirements. Despite the transition to Subnets, players of Pulsar games still enjoy the same web2-like gaming experience. However, being a web3 game– the players can own NFT-based assets, trade them, and store them via wallets. 

Numbers EVM subnet: Numbers Protocol

Numbers Protocol launched the mainnet of its sovereign blockchain powered by Avalanche Subnets for the purpose of offering a more transparent and verifiable digital media library. Building a Subnet allows Number to customize the network’s ecosystem, security parameters, execution logic, and gas fee structure. 

The Subnet further allows numbers for effortless storage of digital content, seamless NFT minting and sharing of royalty. Also, having its own blockchain means there’s no chance of content theft, manipulation, censorship, and other constraints that are likely to occur in the case of third-party blockchains. With all these features, Numbers Subnet gains trust of users while also providing them a safe environment to store their media files.

Swimmer network subnet: Crabada

Crabada– the popular gaming dApp running on Avalanche’s C-chain, has moved to an application-specific custom blockchain and launched its own Subnet called Swimmer Network that uses $TUS as gas fees and $CRA for rewarding the Validators

The migration to an independent Subnet has allowed Swimmer Network to optimize the network’s transaction cost to become approx 12 seconds faster and the transaction fee to be reduced under $0.0005. With these significant improvements, Swimmer Network encourages a lot of new players to participate in the ecosystem to unlock a whole new and thrilling experience. 

XPlus Chain Subnet: XPlus 

XPLUS ecosystem is gearing up to launch their custom blockchain– XPLUS Chain built on Avalanche Subnets with $XYZ as their native token. This application-specific blockchain unlocks whole new potential for GameFi, SocialFi, and digital asset management. 

Powered by Subnet technology, XPLUS Chain has become capable of storing user-related data such as behavior and achievements– all via on-chain. Also, Subnets improve user bonding, privacy, transparency, and security in the XPLUS ecosystem. With this, XPLUS will offer higher scalability, low latency, and ultra-secure transactions– providing a more decentralized experience for users. 

WAGMI Subnet: Avalanche

The WAGMI is the final name in the Avalanche Subnets list. This subnet is an Avalanche ecosystem-owned Demo network, which is designed to offer a high throughput testnet for EVM testing and optimization. This Subnet allows web3 projects and developers to experiment with their deployment and make required modifications before making it live officially on the Coreth release. Hence, Avalanche removes the complexity of production-grade deployment with WAGMI.

Build your Subnet using Zeeve

Knowing that Avalanche Subnets is a highly flexible and advanced framework for building Layer-1 kind of sovereign blockchain, a number of institutions are building their Subnets, apart from the Avalanche Subnets list we highlighted in this article. As we know, launching a Subnet can be a complex process, especially for startups and scaleups. Launching a custom blockchain needs a highly-optimized infrastructure, a series of nodes, wallets, explorers, and a lot of other components. Zeeve provides enterprises with all the web3 stack and resources required to build Subnet, including faucets, explorers, scalable nodes, blockchain indexing solutions and a lot more components. Plus, we monitor your Subnet 24*7 to ensure the network never goes down.  Zeeve offers an ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type 2 & GDPR compliant platform, ensuring that your subnets are optimized for excellent security, scalability, and reliability. 

If you are planning to launch your Avalanche Subnet or you want to migrate your existing project to the Subnet ecosystem, Zeeve is here to assist you. Discuss your project requirements, reach out to the Zeeve team and discuss your requirements. Also, you can schedule one-to-one calls with our blockchain consultants.


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