How to build Crypto wallet with Zeeve APIs Suite
Dr. Ravi Chamria
Dr. Ravi Chamria
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Build Crypto wallet with Zeeve APIs Suite

Crypto wallets are highly feasible blockchain use cases growing exponentially in popularity, with more than 84.2 million users worldwide. If you plan to build your crypto wallet, remember that APIs are the way to establish communication between your wallet and blockchain ecosystems.

So, you have designed a crypto wallet, customized the interface, and added excellent features. Now, you need a way for it to communicate with various blockchain ecosystems to function and serve the users’ purposes. To do so, you can opt for two main ways; either you can build the required communication channel or you can leverage APIs offered by trusted blockchain infrastructure providers like Zeeve. The APIs suite on Zeeve offers fast response time, enterprise-grade security, and robust RPC calling benefits to the wallet development companies. 

Before we move to discuss the wallet development process through APIs, let’s quickly understand why APIs are needed and its role in building a crypto wallet to educate blockchain developers entering the industry.

Understanding the role of APIs in crypto wallet development

APIs (application programming interfaces) are responsible for facilitating communication between crypto wallets and relevant blockchain networks to complete actions such as creating transactions, checking account balances, transferring assets/tokens.

Whenever a user interacts with the waller interface and initiates a specific transaction, the wallet transmits data to the servers established across the distributed database. Receiving end interprets this data and performs the required set of actions and then sends back the response. Thereby, the user’s device receives the response and presents it on the wallet interface in a readable format. 

How to use Zeeve Blockchain and Crypto APIs suite for wallet development

Given that APIs are integral to the development and it makes wallet development easier and quicker, Zeeve provides indexed & RPC APIs to feature-rich web3 wallets that support diverse blockchains, such as:

Now, let’s understand where to use Zeeve blockchain and crypto APIs during the crypto wallet development process.

Getting all the tokens by wallet address

Leverage Zeeve’s indexed APIs to get a list of the tokens available in your wallet for different blockchain networks. 

Getting the token balance

Zeeve allows you to make RPC calls on blockchain nodes to fetch the current token balance from UTXO, EVM, and Cosmos-based blockchains and show the data to the end users via the crypto wallet interface. Alternatively, you can use indexed APIs to get the token balance. The input required from your end is only the wallet address.

Adding support for various token standards

Make your wallet full-fledged by adding support to various token standards. Use APIs to get support for ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155, CW20, CW721, CW1155, PSP22, PSP33, PSP37, and more. Add support for any tokens for any blockchain network.

Managing token transfers

Use RPC calls to manage seamless tokens and digital assets transfer from one account to different accounts. For example, your wallet can transfer crypto and ERC20, ERC 721, and ERC1155 tokens to the desired wallet address. Every time users add/transfer tokens, the Zeeve API, through RPC calls, will keep updating the data to provide real-time information.

However, as a wallet provider, you will manage the private keys to allow users to sign every recurring transaction for authentication purposes digitally.

Making custom smart contract transactions

Zeeves RPC calls allow your wallet to interact with different blockchain ecosystems and initiate custom smart contract transactions to build decentralized applications and utilize the ecosystem’s benefits.

Getting transaction history and status

Our RPC API calls always fetch real-time transaction data from your desired blockchain and show the status of pending/completed transactions via the wallet interface.

Showing best gas fee recommendations

Give the best gas fee recommendations to the wallet users by using Zeeve APIs to fetch real-time gas fees and additional costs (if required) from different blockchain networks, say Ethereum. This improves user experience while saving users from exceeding the gas limit. 

Enabling bulk transactions 

Bulk transactions processing APIs (or “Batch API”) on Zeeve enable you to request transaction data for large areas. This approach requires multiple RPC calls combined into one request, which Zeeve API infrastructure handles effortlessly. With bulk transactions, your wallet users save significant gas fees and the time usually required to process transactions individually.

Staking feature

Leverage Zeeve’s trusted and standardized staking API to automate the process, from signing the staking transactions to enabling scaling up staking nodes on the respective Proof-of-stake network. Allow wallet users to stake and collect rewards directly from the wallet without complexities.

Showing vital analytics 

Use Zeeve indexer to offer a custom financial dashboard to your wallet users, enabling them to access vital wallet-related analytics, notifications, and updates in one place.

Why use Zeeve APIs Suite for wallet development:

Zeeve APIs suite is designed to make wallet development a less time-consuming process. Rather than interacting individually with different blockchains and fetching data through various endpoints, use our APIs suite to call APIs specific to your wallet’s application logic. The following are major benefits of utilizing Zeeve APIs for your crypto wallet development: 

Lightweight RPC calling

We offer lightweight RPC calling to facilitate communication for cross-domain communications. Unlike the conventional RPC systems, our APIs achieve better performance with techniques such as simple control transfer, simple data transfer, and more robust design for concurrency. 

Quick response time

Our crypto APIs are high performing with a lightning-fast response time. By providing tremendous speed, we ensure the crypto wallet providers never experience any interruption or delay in getting the response from RPC/Indexed endpoints. 

Enterprise-grade security

We protect all sensitive data with high-end encryption. Our APIs implement encryption to REST, encryption to memory, and encryption to transit.  

Reduced Devops & maintenance costs

With our crypto APIs, you do not need to worry about the unique blockchain environments, their API-specific parameters, and RPC procedures. Provide us the wallet-related specifications, and we will do all the heavy lifting of adding various functionalities to your crypto wallet. 

Faster time-to-market 

Get access to full suite of APIs, trusted by industry leaders across the world to build your crypto wallet and other blockchain use cases for a faster time-to-market. 


Crypto wallet providers and web3 developers can quickly build feature-packed, multi-functional wallets using the Zeeve APIs suite. Our APIs are built to save developers significant time while freeing them to focus on the application logic. We at Zeeve are open to discussing the project requirements of different wallet development companies to provide them access to the right APIs, helping them make the wallet more specific to the end users’ needs.

To know more about Zeeve and API suites, feel free to connect with our web3 experts on Twitter. Also, you can schedule a quick call with Zeeve and join our conversation on telegram.


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