Zeeve Launches Enhanced Deployment Stack v2.5.8: Adding Support for New Protocols, Add-On Features, and Bug Fixes for Public & Permissive Protocols 
Zeeve Team
Zeeve Team
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Single New Blog Page
zeeve v2.5.8

We are excited to announce the rollout of Zeeve v2.5.8, one of our most comprehensive updates yet, which builds on our commitment to providing the best blockchain deployment and management experience to our users. 

With expanded support for Coreum, Ethereum, Polygon, Binance, and Solana APIs, as well as the introduction of two new protocols like EWC and Shardeum, this release caters to diverse blockchain ecosystems. Furthermore, our enhanced integrations with Hyperledger Fabric and the inclusion of Corda Enterprise empower users with unparalleled functionality and ease of use. 

As we continue to push the boundaries, this release represents yet another significant milestone in our journey, accompanied by a roadmap brimming with future advancements. Get ready to explore Zeeve v2.5.8, and we are eager to see the incredible solutions you will build with it!

Zeeve 2.5.8 – What’s new for Public Protocols?

  • Indexed Data APIs for Coreum Blockchain
  • Token APIs for Ethereum, Polygon, Binance & Coreum
  • Blockchain APIs for EVM-based chains Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance.
  • Crypto APIs for Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin.
  • NFT APIs for Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance.
  • Blockchain data APIs for Solana.
  • State-of-the-art end-user support through a virtual assistant

New Protocol Alert!! EWC Validator node support

Zeeve Managed Cloud

  • Deploy EWC validator node for any of Volta testnet or Energy Web mainnet.
  • Download the installation summary of your EWC validator node.
  • Visibility of node’s important data with automatic updates.
  • View the transaction history of the node’s address.
  • Get real-time analytics and monitoring of your EWC node.
  • Easy withdrawal of the amount from the node’s address.
  • Easy changing of the payout address, which receives the validator rewards.
  • Track the status of your actions through real-time push notifications and emails.

New Protocol Alert!! Shardeum Validator Nodes

by Zeeve managed hosting.

Add-on features in Coreum Validator Node

  • Update commission rate.
  • Update validator name.
  • Withdraw reward to self-wallet address.
  • Withdraw the reward to another wallet address.
  • Unbound tokens.
  • Update the email id associated with the validator.
  • Update validator identity

New Manually Supported Protocols!!

Apart from 100% automated deployment support, we have added request-based deployments for a range of protocols: – Acala, Algorand, Arbitrum, Aurora, BASE, Bitcoin, harmony, Klatyn, Kusama, Cardano, Moonbean, NEAR, Telos, XDC, Optimism, and Tezos.

Zeeve 2.5.8 – What’s new for Permissive Protocols?

New Protocol Alert!! Corda Enterprise Support

  • Added support for the enterprise version of Corda in Zeeve.
  • Interactive UI, which makes management of your Corda enterprise network easy.
  • Create a Corda enterprise network with n number of Corda nodes and notaries.
  • Control over cloud infrastructure specification at the time of network creation.
  • View your Corda enterprise network summary and its cloud infrastructure information.
  • View Corda nodes & notaries’ details and download their trust store files.
  • Support monitoring cloud infrastructure, corda nodes & notaries logs, and

analytics for the network.

  • Ease of addition and deletion of ‘n’ number of Corda nodes in the existing network.
  • Support of Corda app deployment pipeline and monitor its real-time logs.
  • Support of Zeeve CLI to initiate the Corda application deployment pipeline.
  • Track the status of your actions through real-time push notifications.

Zeeve 2.5.8 – Fabric Release

  • Added support for multi-tenant networks. Consortium owners can now onboard new partners in the network.
  • Added support for one-click certificate renewal of the blockchain services running in the network.
  • A private data collection feature was added to Zeeve-CLI to allow network owners to create private collection between a set of organizations.

Performance Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Response time enhancements for Monitoring graphs
  • UI improvements, user validation, and suggestion in Coreum.
  • Anchor peer fix for all application channels, allowing the first peer to be the anchor peer by default.
  • Administrative emails for subscriptions (create/update/cancel)
  • Email notifications for endpoints
  • Digital Ocean Oauth-based authentication method.
  • Various bug fixes, including navigational corrections.

What’s Next?

  • Token APIs and a few more APIs for Avalanche C chain.
  • Invite-based sharing of your Corda enterprise network.
  • Corda enterprise- Zeeve managed a consortium mechanism for sharing the network and

managing its permissions.

  • Corda enterprise -Deploy your Corda app on the targeted nodes & notaries.

Stay tuned! MORE Blockchain Protocols to follow!


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