Zeeve Adds Validator Node Support For Celo Blockchain
Zeeve Team
Zeeve Team
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Zeeve and Celo

Zeeve is excited to announce its validator node support for the Celo protocol. With this new addition, institutions and investors can now securely  run a validator node on the network and maximize yields.

Zeeve has now added support for white-labeled Celo validator nodes, making it easy for users to run validator nodes on the Celo Network without worrying about the technical complexities.  

Zeeve’s enterprise-grade web 3 infrastructure management interface allows web3 enterprises and investors to deploy reliable Celo validator nodes with just a few clicks. By participating in the Celo Network, users can benefit from maximized yields and take advantage of the network’s built-in tools for creating smart contracts, tokens, and assets.

With Zeeve, users can seamlessly manage their Celo validator nodes and monitor their performance through an intuitive web-based dashboard. This makes it easy for enterprises and investors to participate in the Celo Network and take advantage of its high-performance infrastructure.  

Key Features of the Celo Network – A Decentralized Blockchain Platform for Inclusive Finance.

Celo is Layer-1 protocol, EVM compatible, Proof-of-stake blockchain that was created with a focus on making financial systems more accessible to people around the world. It boasts several key features that set it apart from other blockchain networks.

Celo was designed to enable a new universe of financial solutions accessible for mobile users, creating a global financial ecosystem where an end-user can onboard into the Celo ecosystem with just a mobile number. 

CELO is the platform-native asset that supports the growth and development of the Celo blockchain and ecosystem. CELO holders can earn rewards, stake with validators, and vote on proposals that shape the future of Celo.

The Celo Network also supports smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps), which can be used to create a wide range of innovative financial products and services. This includes everything from stablecoins and lending platforms to micro-insurance and remittance services.

In addition to its technical capabilities, the Celo Network also has a strong focus on inclusivity, with a mission to provide financial services to underserved communities around the world.

One unique aspect of the Celo Network is its use of phone numbers as a form of identity verification. This makes it easy for people without traditional forms of identification to participate in the financial system, opening up new opportunities for financial inclusion. Celo validators secure the Celo network by participating in consensus of the Celo protocol.

Overall, the Celo Network offers a compelling combination of speed, scalability, security, and accessibility that makes it a promising platform for building the future of finance.

Why Zeeve for Your Celo validator node:

Maximize your success with Zeeve’s enterprise-grade staking infrastructure for the Celo Network. Enjoy a smoother and more seamless validator node deployment with the robust and comprehensive solutions that Zeeve provides. Discover all that Zeeve can do to support your Celo staking node now!

Secure Validator Nodes

Zeeve makes it easy for anyone to run their own white-labelled validator nodes for Celo with round-the-clock security monitoring. We take away the stress of staying online, in sync, and up-to-date so that investors and institutions can stake with assurance using validator nodes expertly built and maintained by one of the top blockchain infrastructure teams.

Non-Custodial Wallets

We are a non-custodial platform. It means validators maintain full control and ownership of their funds at all times. The Zeeve platform will not have access to the user’s private key, nor will it hold any user funds. You control your own dedicated staking node while we manage the underlying infrastructure.

Institutional-Grade Infrastructure

Zeeve’s infrastructure is designed for maximum resilience, uptime, and validator-grade integrity. We ensure that your validator nodes are always active, thereby eliminating any risk of slashing or performance. Our specialized deployment architecture keeps the Celo network secure and unbreachable.

Vital Analytics and 24×7 Monitoring

Zeeve provides 24×7 resource monitoring for your staking nodes, cloud resources, and logs. Get easy access to vital staking parameters and node performance using our graphical dashboard with proactive alerts and notifications.

We believe that our combination of no-code deployment, institution-grade uptime, performance, in-depth analytics, and a unified dashboard for monitoring all resources make Zeeve a standout option for institutions looking to deploy and manage validator nodes on Celo.

About Zeeve

Zeeve is the leading web3 infrastructure provider in the world. Zeeve provides enterprise-grade web3 infrastructure including full nodes and staking infrastructure for 40+ Blockchain protocols. Zeeve’s robust and reliable web3 infrastructure platform has won the trust of thousands of web3 startups and investors across geographies. With 24,000+ developers, 100+ large enterprises and 4000+ nodes, Celo is the preferred provider of developer and staking infrastructure for all the popular Blockchain protocols. 

Need more information on Celo Staking Nodes? Want to learn more about how we can help? Connect with us today and see how Zeeve can simplify your Staking node deployment experience.


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