On-Demand Customizations – The Answer to What Blockchain DevOps Want
Dr. Ravi Chamria
Dr. Ravi Chamria
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Blockchain Technology has gained huge traction lately with enterprises. The technology helps establish trust in business transactions. As the adoption has increased, so has the need for Blockchain experts and DevOps requirements. The vanilla deployment of Public Blockchain nodes on cloud is easy. But this is marred with performance and scalability challenges. On the other hand, deployment of Permissioned Blockchain nodes are very difficult. Each enterprise has its unique set of needs to set up and configure nodes. Moreover, different protocols like HyperLedger Fabric, Sawtooth, R3 Corda, etc have unique deployment requirements. If you want to deploy HyperLedger Fabric on Kubernetes on AWS, the steps are manually intensive and requires huge DevOps expertise.

Customizations and Convenience to the Equation

With Blockchain, the transactions that you store on the open ledger are immutable and permanent. All the transactions are recorded in sequential order before encrypting them into a ‘block.’ Modifying or deleting the block is merely impossible. Following this, they distribute the transactions across all the computers in the network. The core Blockchain software is free as it is open source. There are certain platforms that developers have augmented from the core software to serve a particular need. It is true that people still do not know how much time it might take before successfully integrating and implementing Blockchain technology into everything that we do daily.

If you want to incorporate the Blockchain technology successfully into your Enterprise Architecture, you should plan on using a Blockchain deployment platform. A Blockchain deployment platform can help you overcome all the obstacles and implement the Blockchain technology seamlessly in the current ecosystem. Today, there are so many platforms available to help you achieve this goal. Out of all the options that you have today, ‘Zeeve‘ is the most tried and tested platform that developers prefer.

Consult our technical experts to get insights on how the Zeeve platform can help customize your Blockchain DevOps Infrastructure.

Benefits of Using the Blockchain Platform ‘Zeeve’

Implementing and managing a Blockchain network is not as simple as it may seem. There are fair chances that you will face some obstacles by committing some serious errors. The manual implementation is not scalable and standardized. That’s why you need to use a Blockchain DevOps Automation platform like Zeeve. Zeeve ensures that your Blockchain infra is configured for reliability, security, performance and scalability. It helps to monitor the hosted nodes and networks with advance analytics. You can also use this Blockchain platform for rapid prototyping. These are some pressing benefits you simply can’t afford to ignore.

Above all, Zeeve gives a sense of security and verification to users for their applications and infrastructure in the long run.

Not everyone is an expert in Blockchain DevOps. As a result, you require the unwavering support of people who have the right expertise. Zeeve takes care of the Blockchain infrastructure for invariably all the facets of deployment with the options to scale either vertically or horizontally with just the click of a button.

Customizations Made Easy

One has the choice of deploying the Blockchain infrastructure quickly in a private data-center or on a public cloud on need basis at both the infra and application levels. It does not matter if the user is an expert in containers or container orchestration, they can choose from either Kubernetes, docker, or native deployments.

With the different levels of customization available, the user can deploy Blockchain nodes on another user’s Blockchain network (or heterogeneous networks) and vice-versa because of auto-compliance features. This aspect works on sending or receiving invitations on the Blockchain network for added security and trust.

One can get logging data for both the cloud-level and application-level that can be downloaded for analysis by the user. Without a speck of doubt, it is true that Zeeve’s monitoring engine is quite intelligent, besides being adaptive. One can use, for example, for native deployment, Zeeve’s monitoring, and for Kubernetes or Prometheus-based monitoring.

Developers Love It

Using Zeeve, developers can create and deploy fantastic products. Logs (check), seamless deployment (check), IDE, samples for reference (check), and monitoring (check) among others in Zeeve are the priceless features a developer would cherish.


Now is the best time to implement Blockchain DevOps expertise for your Blockchain initiatives. It will significantly help in enhancing everything that you are doing and in bettering the way DevOps engineers work. But, since there are so many complex issues that you have to face during implementation, it is wise to use a platform like Zeeve to accomplish this task correctly and quickly.

Zeeve Platform features a standardized approach to deploy reliable Blockchain nodes and networks. It means better security and compliance and cost optimization for your Blockchain. Checkout features of Zeeve No Code Blockchain Platform or sign up for a free account. More than 2000+ developers and Blockchain companies across the globe trust Zeeve for deploying and managing their Blockchain DApps, Smart Contracts and underlying infrastructure. Zeeve supports standardized deployments for multiple Blockchain Protocols. Zeeve also supports all the major cloud providers for hosting and managing your Blockchain. This includes AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean and IBM Cloud.

To learn how you can use Zeeve to your advantage – Contact Us today.


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