Zeeve teams up with XODE for a successful launch of their fully managed Gaming Parachain on Kusama 
Zeeve Team
Zeeve Team
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Zeeve and XODE

Zeeve, the leading platform for RaaS and appchain infrastructure, has partnered with XODE, a Philippines-based gaming player, to help them migrate to a Parachain infrastructure on Kusama. 

XODE already has a standalone blockchain where Xgame runs as an inaugural use case and is LIVE with its testnet and mainnet. However, considering the benefits Parachains offer in terms of liquidity, security, tools, ecosystem effect, and cost, Xode will move its infrastructure to the Kusama ecosystem. Once Xode Mainnet gains momentum, additional use cases like Humidefi, Xeward, Xaver, and others will be developed concurrently.  Whether developers prefer the performance and security benefits of Wasm or the interoperability of EVM, Xode offers a flexible and powerful platform for gaming blockchain development. By incorporating a multi-asset pallet into Xode, developers can create versatile and customizable blockchain networks that support a wide range of assets and use cases, including decentralized finance (DeFi), tokenization of assets, supply chain management, and digital identity, among others.

The partnership with Zeeve will help Xode bring multi-layer automation, simplified management, reduced time to market, and a significant reduction in ongoing operational costs to its platform. This will ensure a smooth onboarding and uninterrupted performance backed by Zeeve enterprise-class security, SLA, and unwavering expert support. 

Zeeve has already enabled the launch of XODE’s DevNet & TestNet on a parachain, complete with fully functional smart contracts and multi-asset tokens. We’ve also implemented agile coretime support for their Rococo testnet, making them one of the first implementers of the coretime allocation mechanism. We will also assist in the forthcoming launch of its mainnet.

“Thrilled to partner with XODE, we’re constructing the backbone of an exceptional parachain network. Parachains are brimming with potential, yet transitioning poses its hurdles. That’s where Zeeve steps in – streamlining XODE’s parachain transition, tackling reconfiguration, ensuring seamless data migration, and upholding top-notch security and performance. As we manage and monitor their network, we’re confident that XODE’s commitment and strategic direction will position them as a leader in the Philippines’ blockchain space for diverse applications.”

Dr. Ravi Chamria

CEO of Zeeve

“Our collaboration with Zeeve empowers us to concentrate on application development while benefiting from a dependable infrastructure. In the realm of Web3, speed stands as a paramount advantage for developers striving to navigate the dynamic technological environment. Leveraging Zeeve’s capabilities, the XODE team successfully deployed a comprehensive mainnet within a timeframe of fewer than six months. With a secure and robust infrastructure in place, the XODE team is now dedicated to enhancing the platform’s value proposition. Thus, a sustained partnership between our entities is mutually advantageous and reinforces our commitment to continued progress.”

HG Minerva

XODE Founder

The next runtime upgrade for Xode will add EVM support, making it possible for Solidity contracts to work directly on the network. This will unlock interoperability with Ethereum-based contracts and assets, setting the stage for a full suite of DeFi services through Humidefi. For future proof and decentralization of Xode, Polkadot’s OpenGov is planned to be added to the ecosystem. This on-chain governance pallet will manage all future modifications, economic decisions, and other changes to Xode.

With Polkadot’s recent governance upgrade, Parachain auctions have become easy, and close to a thousand parachains are anticipated to be launched by this year. For managed nodes, infrastructure components, dev tools, and 24/7 monitoring, the team will need a robust infrastructure partner to run their operations without any hassle, and Zeeve can play a vital role here. Zeeve’s battle-tested infrastructure stack, team of world-class blockchain experts, and a proven track record of deploying over 6000+ nodes across 40+ protocols and appchains position them as a valuable contributor to the Web3 ecosystem.


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