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November 6, 2019
Zeeve Releases R3 Corda Deployments


We continuously upgrade Zeeve with smaller updates having bigger impacts. This release will be the addition of one of the leading Consortium protocol to the platform. Zeeve will now allow you to deploy Corda Production, Pre-Production and Test net on demand.

Key Highlights of this release:

Corda as a protocol choice to deploy

Option for selecting your public zone:-

a) R3 production zone

b) R3 pre-production zone

c) R3 test-net

Selecting version for your corda nodes/notaries.

Specifying detailed configurations for your corda nodes and notaries. Also allowing options for doing initial registration or to upload your keystore/SSLstore files with custom passwords and other CSR details.

Currently supports deployment on AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean

What’s up next

  • Support for private networks deployment for Corda
  • One click CorDapps deployment using Marketplace
  • Google Cloud support
  • IBM Cloud (BlueMix) support.

Did someone say bugs? We now have made Zeeve stable more than ever. And these as well:

  • Project creation bug fixed for Digital Ocean.
  • Day/Night visual mode is persistent now.

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