Zeeve RaaS Partners with PandaSea for the Launch of their OP Stack Powered Layer2 chain
Zeeve Team
Zeeve Team
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Zeeve RaaS Partners with PandaSea

We are delighted to announce our partnership with PandaSea as their chosen Rollups-as-a-Service provider for the new L2 OP chain built with the OP Stack. We warmly welcome the PandaSea community to the Zeeve RaaS ecosystem and look forward to advancing SocialFi and creator economy together.

PandaSea.io is a layer 2 Web3 platform focused on integrating social finance and sports engagement. Utilizing its own chain on the OP Stack, PandaSea provides a robust, scalable solution for decentralized applications, with PandaSea Coin (PANDA) serving as its native gas token. PandaSea aims to redefine the interaction between fans and their favorite sports through innovative products like PandaFantasy.net.

Panda chain testnet on OP Stack is already live and their mainnet will be coming soon. 

As an infrastructure partner, Zeeve is committed to equipping PandaSea with a robust suite of tools and integrations for streamlined deployment, effortless management, and frictionless user onboarding for their OP Stack Chain

“As an infrastructure partner, Zeeve is committed to equipping PandaSea with a robust suite of tools and integrations for streamlined deployment, effortless management, and frictionless user onboarding for their OP stack powered L2 Chain. We’ll ensure, with efficient management, that the ecosystem also remains compliant and meets the objective of PandaSea as well as the broader goals of OP Labs.”

Dr Ravi Chamria

Co-founder and CEO of Zeeve

“We are pleased to have Zeeve as a partner, and we are excited for the world to discover the power of our platform, and to experience social and sports in a new way with our new PandaFantasy.net stock market for sports.”

Steve van Zutphen

PandaSea founder

Key Features and Deliverables

Quick and Automated Setup

  • ​Automated Deployment: Utilize automation scripts and infrastructure-as-code tools (like Terraform or Ansible) to quickly deploy the OP Stack-based L2 Rollup infrastructure.
  • ​Compliance and Security: Ensure the deployment process adheres to industry-standard security practices and compliance requirements. This includes secure key management, encrypted communication channels, and regular security audits.

Management Dashboards

  • ​Operational Activities Monitoring: Provide dashboards for real-time monitoring of the rollup network and its operations. 
  • ​Customizable Dashboards: Allow users to customize their dashboards to monitor specific metrics relevant to their operations.
  • ​Alerting Systems: Implement an alerting system to notify the team of any critical issues or performance degradation. This could include email alerts, SMS, or integrations with tools like Slack.
  • ​Comprehensive Logging: Ensure all activities are logged comprehensively, with logs stored securely and accessible for auditing and troubleshooting.

Necessary Tools and Third-Party Integrations

  • ​Rebranded Explorer: Offer a customizable blockchain explorer that can be branded to PandaSea requirements.
  • ​Bridge UI: Develop a user-friendly interface for bridging assets between L1 and L2.
  • ​Faucets for Testnet: Provide faucets to distribute testnet tokens, aiding developers and testers.
  • ​Third-Party Integrations: Integrate additional tools and services as required by PandaSea, ensuring seamless operation and compatibility with their existing systems.

Regular Maintenance and Upgrades

  • ​Scheduled Maintenance: Regularly schedule maintenance windows to apply updates and patches, ensuring minimal disruption to the service.
  • ​Automatic Upgrades: Implement a process for automatic or semi-automatic upgrades to keep the stack up-to-date with the latest features and security improvements.

24/7 Support with Enterprise Grade SLAs

  • ​Round-the-Clock Support: Provide 24/7 technical support to handle any issues or incidents, ensuring high availability and reliability.
  • ​Enterprise SLAs: Offer Service Level Agreements that guarantee response times, uptime, and performance standards suitable for enterprise needs.

Integration of TraceHawk

  • ​Enhanced Monitoring and Analytics: Utilize TraceHawk to enhance monitoring and analytics capabilities, providing deeper insights into rollup performance and security.
  • ​Seamless Integration: Ensure TraceHawk is seamlessly integrated into the overall infrastructure, enhancing operational visibility and control.

With the custom features from Zeeve and the OP Stack, PandaSea will utilize $PANDA as its native gas token, adding substantial utility to the token and promoting a vibrant native economy. Transactions made with PANDA will incur lower fees compared to other payment methods and users frequently transacting with PANDA can receive loyalty rewards and bonuses, incentivizing continued engagement on the platform.

Zeeve makes it easy to go from concept to live deployment with our intuitive Rollup Launchpad. Our network of over 40 industry partners allows for quick integration with decentralized and developer services. Trusted by more than 30,000 users and 40 institutional partners, Zeeve’s strong security and support systems make it the go-to choice for global infrastructure.

For further details on Zeeve’s managed OP Stack chains, visit our webpage.


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