Zeeve RaaS partners with NodeKit to bring shared sequencing into its ecosystem of rollups
Zeeve Team
Zeeve Team
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Zeeve and NodeKit

Zeeve, the leading Rollups-as-a-Service platform, is continuously expanding its ecosystem of trusted integration partners and, this time, we’ve added support for NodeKit, a decentralized shared sequencer L1 built to allow rollups to decentralize their sequencing and enable cross-rollup interoperability seamlessly. 

At the moment, most of the rollup SDKs offer trusted sequencers as a default choice, which could introduce a centralization concern if anyone is building a public project. A decentralized shared sequencer like NodeKit aims to solve this without sacrificing performance and reliability. Built on a subnet with Avalanche HyperSDK and leveraging Snowman consensus, NodeKit SEQ allows different execution layers to use the same shared sequencer and creates a singular final block with transactions from multiple rollups. However, this doesn’t hamper the transaction ordering for individual rollups, and they can submit the transactions to a DA layer or settlement layer in the same order they received from the SEQ L1. This reduces the complexity of launching a decentralized rollup, improves cross-rollup interoperability, and minimizes the actual cost of decentralization. 

Currently, NodeKit supports the OP Stack framework natively to build a rollup on top of SEQ and plans to support more rollup SDKs in the future. They currently have both Rust and Go SDKs, allowing for flexibility for rollup developers. 

Now, with this integration, developers and businesses requiring a shared sequencer can easily integrate with NodeKit through Zeeve’s intuitive RaaS platform. This enables the deployment of integrated rollups with just a few clicks, featuring high uptime sequencing, SLA, enterprise-class security measures, and complete provisioning, including block explorers, faucets, data indexers, cross-chain bridges, and more, ensuring a smooth and secure development process.

“The choice of centralized or shared sequencers is mainly centered around performance and costs. With the use of shared sequencers, teams now don’t need to bootstrap an entire validator set from scratch, saving time and significant costs. Plus, interoperability across that shared sequencer ecosystem becomes easy. This will bridge the gap between high performance and decentralization in app-specific rollups without sacrificing the UX. Combined with Zeeve’s Rollups-as-a-Service, the process of launching any rollup application is now point-and-click backed by the leading rollup SDKs, middleware, and a thorough lineup of integrations necessary for a smooth and efficient operation from day1.”

Dr Ravi Chamria

Co-founder and CEO of Zeeve

At NodeKit, we believe the current UX of appchains leaves a lot to be desired. After meeting the Zeeve team, we saw how their seamless deployments fit perfectly into our vision for NodeKit, enabling easy-to-use decentralized rollups with seamless interoperability. With this integration, it becomes easier than ever before to launch a rollup powered by NodeKit. We are excited to partner with Zeeve to help build the next generation of rollups.”

Noah Pravecek

Founder, NodeKit

Additionally, Zeeve has a comprehensive partner ecosystem that supports easy integration of various protocols and tools, such as alt DA layers, other decentralized sequencer choices, interoperability protocols, decentralized oracles, account abstraction SDKs, and more. These optional integrations aim to extend the functionality of smart contracts and sovereign rollups on the Zeeve platform.  Also, we provide a one-click Sandbox tool, giving developers a convenient space to experiment and perfect their app-specific rollups.

For more information, visit Rollups-as-a-Service. If you are planning to launch a Rollup chain, connect with us. Our expert team can help you determine what infrastructure might suit your needs better.


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