Zeeve RaaS Partners with Nexus Network to bring plug-and-play staking infrastructure to rollups
Zeeve Team
Zeeve Team
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Zeeve and Nexus Network

Zeeve, the leading Rollups-as-a-service (RaaS) platform, has partnered with Nexus Network, a plug-and-play staking infrastructure protocol, to help Layer2 rollups earn stable and sustainable staking returns with their ETHs locked in L1 canonical bridges.

As the Ethereum roadmap increasingly adopts rollups, a significant amount of ETH ends up locked in rollup bridges, not generating any returns. Ideally, the returns from this locked ETH could be leveraged to cover operational expenses, funding grants, or aligning additional incentives within the ecosystem. Nexus Network addresses this by allowing safe and non-custodial staking of ETH in bridges, bringing consistent returns. Rollups can integrate with the Nexus network easily by calling the Nexus Contract and similarly unplug whenever they wish.  The distributed validator technology (DVT) used by Nexus cuts down the risk of validator control centralization, while the distributed key generation (DKG) prevents any single entity from holding the entire validator key. Their core value props are a pluggable staking infrastructure with customizable staking limits, one-stop validator management, and a complete non-custodial way of staking. 

Now, with this addition, web3 builders and enterprises will be able to leverage the power of Zeeve’s Rollups-as-a-Service(RaaS) platform and Nexus Network’s staking infrastructure to build rollups that are enterprise-class, hassle-free to manage as well as remove capital inefficiencies while providing flexibility in designing the staking feature.  Zeeve’s RaaS already supports all the leading Ethereum rollup frameworks, such as Polygon CDK, zkStack, Arbitrum Orbit, and OP Stack, all of which can seamlessly integrate with Nexus Network while setting up their custom L2s.

“Nexus Network envisions becoming the economic layer for rollups, generating returns on assets that would otherwise remain idle. Using their pluggable staking infrastructure, rollups can stake the ETH locked in their bridges within minutes, earn a stable return on stakes, and also increase the overall security of Ethereum. As we expand our integration partner ecosystem with Nexus Network, businesses and developers launching their OP and ZK Rollups with Zeeve can get this as an additional infrastructure component and augment their application-specific rollups. We believe this will ensure minimum effort from rollup teams in deploying and managing the rollups with our RaaS, plus adding staking and validator management for them.” 

Dr Ravi Chamria

Co-founder and CEO of Zeeve

“$10 Bn worth of assets (poised to become $150 Bn in 3 years) are lying idle on Rollup bridge contracts on Ethereum. Nexus Network has partnered with Zeeve to provide a safe, secure & decentralized infrastructure to earn yields on those assets which increases capital efficiency for rollups while also increasing the network security for Ethereum”. He also added that “ this is a very strategic partnership that gives us a platform to integrate with many rollups as Zeeve is an infrastructure leader in this space”.

Mayank Raj

Co-founder and CEO of Nexus Network

This benefits the vast Zeeve community of over 28,000 users and 40+ institutions already on the platform, along with all the users of Nexus Network who are looking for effortless and hassle-free management of their rollup networks with Zeeve Rollups-as-a-service. 

Zeeve integration partners augment the power of your rollups, and with every new partner we add, we give more options for builders to make their rollup stack even more modular. We boast a diverse partner ecosystem consisting of various types of sequencer networks, DA layers,  leading Interoperability protocols, decentralized oracles, account abstraction SDKs, indexers, and various other tools as pluggable components.

For more information, visit our Rollups-as-a-Service page. If you are planning to launch a Rollup chain, connect with us. Our expert team can help you determine what infrastructure might suit your needs better. 


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