Zeeve RaaS launches ‘1-click zkSync Hyperchain Sandbox’ to help developers test and validate their ZK rollup configurations seamlessly
Zeeve Team
Zeeve Team
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Zeeve and Zksync Hyperchains sandbox

Zeeve, a top-tier platform for managed web3 infrastructure, has launched ‘zkSync Hyperchain Sandbox,’ a tool that enables developers to try out different configurations and test out the smart contracts before setting up a production-grade ZK-rollup. 

Hyperchains are hyper-scalable, customizable, and fully sovereign ZK-rollup chains that use Ethereum or zkSync Era as their settlement layer. Built with ZK Stack, they follow a modular approach and give the builders complete freedom to choose different components of their custom layer 2 or layer 2 rollups. This includes deciding on their data availability layer, sequencer types, gas token, chain mode (rollup/zkPorter),  and more.  This level of customizability and modularity opens the door to many applications and unlocks new use cases in DeFi, TradeFi, gaming, identity, payments, and social, where each custom rollup can benefit from horizontal scaling, recursive proofs, and shared provers.

With Zeeve’s RaaS support, transitioning from concept to your custom Layer 2 or Layer 3 ZK-rollup chain is simple through a point-and-click Sandbox interface.  Core teams can meticulously test various configurations of zkSync Hyperchains in a controlled devnet setting and find what works best for their application. This deliberate approach allows developers to build their applications confidently and precisely before moving towards a testnet/ mainnet launch. 

“As we move towards a rollup-centric future and ZK-rollups take the center stage, it’s crucial that flexible testing options are available. “With our zkSync Hyperchain Sandbox,  developers can get a rich set of configurations, allowing management of gas configurations, hyperchain transaction configurations, aggregator, synchronizer, and sequencer setup, RPC configurations, and a lot more right from the panel. They can create and destroy the Sandbox as many times as they wish and also deploy sample dApps. This Sandbox will complement our existing Rollups-as-a-service tools and one of many steps we are taking to make the rollup deployment and management processes easier, affordable, and much more efficient”.

Dr Ravi Chamria

Co-founder and CEO of Zeeve

 “ZK Stack is the entry point for enterprises, Web2 platforms, institutions, and traditional finance into the crypto ecosystem. The level of customizability and modularity opens the door to innovations that were previously inconceivable. “It’s exciting to see innovations being brought to the hyperchain ecosystem at such a rapid pace by cutting-edge teams such as Zeeve. RaaS solutions such as the 1-click Sandbox deployment serve a critical role in the ecosystem; they speed up time to market while allowing developers and builders to focus on what matters most: their products and novel use cases.”

Vassilis Tziokas

Head of Enterprise at Matter Labs

Zeeve’s comprehensive support for the zkSync Hyperchain Sandbox includes a multitude of features, such as:

  • Free Trial Access: Get full access to Zeeve’s zkSync Hyperchain Sandbox at no cost for 15 days for a single account. 
  • One-click deployment:  Deploy your L2/L3 hyperchain devnet fully automatedly in a few configuration steps with Ethereum Sepolia or zkSync Era as the settlement layer, respectively. Create and destroy your devnet as often as needed to gain comfort with zkSync Hyperchains.
  • Accounts & Smart-contracts: Monitor your core infrastructure wallets and smart-contracts of L1 & L2 setup
  • Cross-chain bridging: A dedicated bridge for your zkSync Hyperchain devnet to perform transactions from UI between the settlement layer and your L2/L3.
  • Explorer support: View blocks, transactions, tokens, logs, etc., with a dedicated explorer for your hyperchain devnet network.
  • Network & node dashboards: View detailed configurations for your nodes (sequencer and RPC), monitor health, and more
  • Sample applications: Deploy sample apps on your hyperchain using RPC endpoints to try it out!
  • Monitoring, Logs, & Notifications: View the system and blockchain metrics dashboards, view the logs of the core components, and  receive alerts of the setup of your devnet
  • Professional support: Access the support for infrastructural considerations and configurations, helping to make decisions.

Additionally, Zeeve also has a diverse partner ecosystem consisting of leading data availability solutions, shared sequencers, decentralized oracles, indexers, account abstraction SDKs, and various other tools and protocols such as middlewares or third-party integrations

More information on Zeeve-managed zkSync Hyperchains can be found here

About Zeeve:

Zeeve is the leading Rollups-as-a-Service (Raas) provider providing the managed infrastructure for application-specific Optimistic and ZK Rollups.

Zeeve’s robust and reliable Web3 infrastructure platform has won the trust of thousands of web3 startups and enterprises across geographies. With 28,000+ platform users, 40+ enterprises, and 6000+ nodes, Zeeve is the preferred Blockchain infrastructure provider for all the popular Blockchain protocols.

Contact Zeeve by emailing [email protected] or visiting www.zeeve.io to learn how Zeeve’s web3 infrastructure services can help you kickstart or accelerate your web3 journey.


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