Zeeve Partners with LightHouse to Bring Low Cost Perpetual Cloud Storage Services for Rollups and AppChains 
Zeeve Team
Zeeve Team
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Zeeve and Lighthouse

We are excited to announce that LightHouse, a file storage protocol, has partnered with Zeeve to bring low-cost perpetual cloud storage services to rollups and appchains. This partnership is all set to help the Zeeve RaaS ecosystem to get this integration on-demand, store all the valuable data on-chain under the model, pay once for your file and store them for eternity. 

At the moment, developers prefer to store valuable data over the cloud so that it is easily accessible and readily available whenever needed. However, this practice, though it is very convenient, is expensive nonetheless; because organizations are spending around $0.30/GB/Mo.

Even the alternative option, which is  Cloud NAS, becomes ineffective if they wish to shift to a different model because a mere 1 TB extension,demands developers/corporations to buy the entire package, which might be 200 TB to 300 TB, making it a costly proposition. LightHouse abstracts the older models of cloud storage and allows corporations to switch from a rent-based model to a perpetual file storage model, which is 1000X less expensive than Cloud NAS. 

After this integration, builders on Zeeve will be getting LightHouse as an easily pluggable component. So, they can easily connect their Dapp to LightHouse and store all the data that they wish to use for ensuring that the dApp remains operative. Since Zeeve launchpad supports all the leading rollups and appchains frameworks namely OP Stack, Arbitrium Orbit, Polygon CDK, zkSync ZK Stack, Cosmos SDK, Substrate, and Avalanche Subnets, they can easily integrate LightHouse and move their data on-chain for perpetual storage without breaking the bank. 

“Data is the new oil and everyone wants to tap into the data for numerous purposes like extracting actionable intelligence from them or using them as a multiple source of truth for consensus and validation. However, the practice should be made economical and scalable at the same time. Now, when Zeeve R-a-a-S services are bundled with LightHouse, businesses will have a high performance infrastructure to launch their dApps using LightHouse as a cloud storage partner, which is economical and easily deployable under our integration model.

Dr. Ravi Chamria

Co-founder and CEO of Zeeve

“Partnering with Zeeve brings our low-cost, perpetual storage to rollups and appchains, making data storage more accessible and affordable. Developers can now integrate Lighthouse with Zeeve’s RaaS ecosystem, ensuring secure, on-chain data storage with a pay-once model.

This collaboration transforms how data is stored, shifting from expensive rent-based models to a cost-effective, perpetual solution. Builders on Zeeve can easily connect their dApps to Lighthouse, benefiting from scalable and economical data storage.”


Founder of Lighthouse

Presently, Zeeve has partnered with more than 40+ partners spanning across alt data availability layers, sequencer networks, interoperability protocols, decentralized oracles, account abstraction SDKs, data indexers, and other developer tools and protocols that can be easily integrated on-demand with your rollup or app-chain. As we head further in our journey from 30,000 Web3 startups, 40+ institutional partners to more and counting, there would be more integration partnerships that would help develop fully customized and highly performant appchains and rollups. 

For additional information or to discuss launching a rollup chain, please visit our Rollups-as-a-Service page or contact our expert team to find the ideal infrastructure for your needs.  


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