Zeeve Partners with Dora to Bring Advanced Multi-chain Block Explorer to its Comprehensive Raas Stack
Zeeve Team
Zeeve Team
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Single New Blog Page
Zeeve and Dora

Zeeve, the top-tier infrastructure provider for next-gen L2/L3 rollups and appchains, is thrilled to announce integration of Dora explorer into its Rollups-as-a-service (RaaS) stack. This Zeeve-Dora alliance will benefit businesses, enterprises, and rollup developers to launch a fully-functional Layer2 or Layer3 rollup chain from day1.

Block explorers have always been an integral part of blockchain due to their important role in enabling transparency through seamless search and access to both real-time and historical data from blockchain ecosystems. Now that rollups are becoming a highly preferred choice of web3 projects, explorers are equally crucial for L2/L3 rollup chains. Considering this, Dora is offering a multi-ecosystem blockchain explorer designed to deliver an out-of-the-box on-chain experience, complete with the most feasible features like multichain queries, holistic on-chain visibility, 1-day integration, and responsive support.

The multichain block explorer from Dora in Zeeve RaaS stack is offered as an explorer-as–a-service solution, which is available to all the Zeeve’s RaaS builders. Through a simple plug-and-play approach, anyone can integrate a future-based explorer into their Layer2/Layer3 Zero-knowledge (ZK) and Optimistic rollup chains, allowing seamless access to blockchain-level details, including transaction ID, address, or block number, etc., in line with Dora-produced valuable data. These features altogether build up a thriving rollup ecosystem that rollups aspire to build. 

“A vital factor about rollup chains is their ability to offer unbiased and all-encompassing snapshots of blockchain-level interactions. And that’s why Zeeve has added support for Dora Explorer that offers a range of market-leading features for safe navigation, instant on-chain discovery, and multi-ecosystem navigation. All the Zeeve RaaS builders can now seamlessly plug in Dora block explorer into their chain and start using a highly functional explorer instantly without the hassle of building their own explorer from scratch or enduring long-winded deployments.”

Dr.Ravi Chamria

Co-founder and CEO of Zeeve

Integrating RaaS solutions for L2 & L3s such as Zeeve opens the floodgates for teams around the world who sought to build on and customize their own stack for a seamless web3 experience. The onset of the multi ecosystem onchain world brings the golden era of generalizable onchain search engines, the same way the golden age of online goods and services paired with that of online search engines. “All goods and services should be accessible through one single interface: all swaps, all bridges, all mints, across all chains, under a single search application” Zeeve can help build the pipeline to create the services, Dora can help making these services accessible to everyone.

Mauricio Trujillo

Co-founder and CEO of Search On Dora

Integration of Dora multi-ecosystem block explorer represents Zeeve’s commitment to constantly expand its RaaS stack with meaningful partnerships that drive direct benefits to the vast Zeeve community of 28000+ users and over 40+ institutions that trust Zeeve as their reliable infrastructure provider. Each of these upgrades on Zeeve’s RaaS stack is visioned to empower all levels of web3 developers and web3 enterprises that seek to launch, manage, and scale their L2/L3 rollups and appchains in a more simplified and cost-efficient manner.

Zeeve RaaS is optimized to support all the leading rollup frameworks, be it Polygon CDK, zkSync ZK Stack, OP Stack, or Arbitrum Orbit. Also, Zeeve offers a one-click Sandbox tool for rollup deployments. For more information about Zeeve’s Rollup-specific offerings, explore our Rollups-as-a-service platform. Or, if you plan a custom Rollup chain, feel free to connect with us. We are happy to assist you.


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