Zeeve Launches Support For Nervos Network
Zeeve Team
Zeeve Team
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Users can now quickly run a dedicated Nervos node with Zeeve to leverage Network’s unparalleled security, decentralization, interoperability, and flexibility to build scalable decentralized applications, smart contracts, and customized Layer 2 blockchains.

Zeeve is excited to add support to Nervos Network, a multi-layered public blockchain for unbounded security, scalability, and interoperability.  Users can now easily deploy, host, and run Nervos  L1 and L2 network-level nodes via Zeeve’s enterprise-grade web3 infrastructure management platform. Zeeve further offers a flexible API suite and highly secure RPC endpoints needed to run nodes on Nervos at maximum capacity.

Nervos is a modular blockchain platform built on RISC-V and secured by the Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm for enabling outstanding security, inter-chain interoperability, and infinite customization abilities. Nervos implements CKB-VM, a RISE-based innovative virtual machine with zero precompiles and support to all cryptographic primitives, enabling web3 developers to unleash their creativity to the fullest and build powerful decentralized applications that are usually challenging to do on any other ecosystem. 

The Nervos Network support is now available on Zeeve, a web3 infrastructure provider and leader in secure node operations and shared APIs for excellent uptime and uninterrupted performance. Zeeve platform is designed to remove the complexities of node deployment, making the whole process much quicker and easier through a no-code deployment approach. 

Nervos- A multi-layered blockchain with supreme security, decentralization, and inter-chain interoperability 

Nervos is a public blockchain network with multiple layers, each performing different functions, thus making Nervos a tremendously feasible and all-encompassing ecosystem for building innovative decentralized applications and custom-made L2 blockchains.  

The Nervos Network sits on the top of the Common Knowledge Base (CKB) – a most flexible and interoperability-rich Layer 1 blockchain, powered with RISC-V-based virtual machine that provides the foundation for Nervos and adjacent L2 protocols, state chains, and sidechains. CKB leverages the Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism to achieve extensive security and decentralization for the Layer 2 protocols built on it. However, layer 2 protocols can choose any consensus algorithm per their project’s technical needs.

Nervos CKB is popular for interoperability attributes as it seamlessly communicates with various heterogeneous blockchains, anchoring side chains, and Layer 2 networks. Hence, dApps building on these ecosystems can interoperate with each other to exchange resources, cryptos and execute tradeoffs. Moreover, developers building decentralized solutions on Nervos can provide next-level user experience through the network’s protocol-level account abstraction capabilities. 

Additionally, the developers building on Nervos get full support from the Nervos Foundation and its community of blockchain experts through dedicated forums, knowledge-sharing channels, and in-person meetups. 

Integrated with all these industry-leading features, Nervos lays the foundation for a technically advanced, interoperable, and novel blockchain that allows developers to build decentralized applications beyond limits. 

Nervos Support on Zeeve:

Leverage Zeeve’s proprietary architecture to securely connect with Nervos’s blockchain infrastructure and start building your use case-specific dApps and custom blockchain as Layer-2 scaling solutions—Discover Zeeve’s services to simplify your development approach on the Nervos Network. 

Zeeve-Managed Nervos Nodes

Instantly set up and run your Nervos Network nodes on Zeeve-managed cloud services. Benefit from Zeeve’s institutional-grade node deployment, maintenance, and monitoring. Create innovative web3 applications and L2 blockchains without development-related complexities.

Highly Secure Endpoints

Access secure connection on the Nervos network by utilizing Zeeve’s RPC endpoints, highly optimized to offer quick response time, support multiple RPC requests, and optimization of API requests conjuring the available parameters and response formats. 

Developer Friendly

Zeeve’s node-managed service for Nervos guarantees exceptional performance and availability. We offer deployment of full node and archive nodes on both Nervos testnet and mainnet. Also, you don’t need to worry about the health of nodes when using our user-friendly monitoring and analytics dashboard, providing alerts and notifications.

Enterprise-grade Uptime

Enterprises or individual developers looking for efficient on-chain governance, interoperability, and unbounded scalability should choose Zeeve’s Nervos node service, which can leverage the resources of Nervos Network to improve the node’s utility. We maintain standard uptime, reliability, and unmatched performance while you focus on building highly feasible applications. 

Rapid Synching

Zeeve’s powerful node infrastructure provides rapid node synchronization. Users do not need to wait for their nodes to sync up as with Zeeve; they can complete the node setup with a full archive of transactions in hours and start interacting with the Nervos nodes. 

Ready Plugins and APIs

With flexible APIs, powerful frameworks, developer tools, and a build-ready set of libraries available to set up with your secure Nervos node via our compact, easy-to-understand development dashboard.

Building the web3 infrastructure for a decentralized future

Zeeve continues to be at the forefront of building web3 infrastructure, and more than 15,000 blockchain developers and web3 startups trust Zeeve as their critical web3 infrastructure provider. Extending Nervos Network support to our existing web-3 stack deployment infrastructure, Zeeve moves one step closer to facilitating the developers’ success within the web3 space. 

“We are excited to launch support for Nervos Network on the Zeeve platform. Nervos offers exceptional security and decentralization on its foundation layer- Nervos CKB while enabling the development of fully customizable chains in the form of L2 networks and side chains. Now Nervos’s existing developer community and new entries can leverage a robust web3 infrastructure providing flexible APIs, secured RPC endpoints, and Nervos full nodes using the Zeeve platform.”

Dr. Ravi Chamria

Co-founder and CEO of Zeeve

Need more information on Nervos Network? Want to learn more on how we can help? Connect with us today and see how Zeeve can simplify your Nervos node deployment experience.

Kickstart your web3 journey with Zeeve:

  • Zeeve supports the deployment and management of nodes and services for the leading Blockchain protocols like Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Fantom, Tron, Bitcoin, Near Protocol, Hyperledger fabric, R3 corda, AXIA, Kusama …..more in progress.
  • Zeeve provides ready-to-plug services like decentralized storage, decentralized identity, oracles, IoT as a service, etc. for building your dApps faster.
  • Zeeve provides both managed cloud and bring-your-own cloud options to choose from. With granular configurations, you can design your deployment architecture as per the need of your dApps.
  • 24/7 support and proactive monitoring ensure the health of nodes all the time. We work smart so that you don’t need to worry about your web3 infrastructure.  

About Zeeve

Zeeve is the leading Blockchain Infrastructure management Platform helping enterprises and Blockchain startups build, deploy and manage reliable web3 infrastructure.

Zeeve is a low code web3 DevOps platform that is cloud agnostic and supports multiple Blockchain protocols with advanced analytics and monitoring of nodes and networks.

Zeeve features a powerful set of APIs to build DApps for a plethora of use cases across industries including asset tokenization, NFTs, DEX, Stablecoins, etc. Zeeve supports Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space with decentralized storage, trusted nodes, and smart contracts.

To learn more about Zeeve, visit our Developer Center or join us on Twitter and Telegram


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