Zeeve Launches Hands-On Demo of Shared Polygon CDK DevNet for Developer Trial
Zeeve Team
Zeeve Team
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Single New Blog Page
Zeeve and Shared Polygon CDK DevNet

Zeeve, the leading platform for Rollups-as-a-Service, has added a fully operational demo of the Polygon CDK testnet network for every user to get an idea of how the real network will look once deployed. This sandbox environment will enable developers to experiment with Polygon CDK’s features, smart contracts, and dApps on a running CDK chain shared by many before launching their personalized Devnet, Testnet, or Mainnet.

This interactive instance extends beyond a mere visual demo; it provides hands-on access to active components such as a robust RPC interface with live endpoints via HTTPS and WebSockets. Developers can perform transactions, connect wallets, and deploy or revoke smart contracts within a shared network. The demo includes an Explorer for real-time transaction visibility, facilitates testing of the Polygon zkEVM bridge, and more, all without the necessity of setting up your own network.

Zeeve and Shared Polygon CDK DevNet

“Actual things are not just the deployment alone; it is what happens after deployment as well. This demo is crafted to deliver a rich developer experience, providing a realistic framework to test and tweak CDK functionalities live. We’ve loaded the demo network with all the tools necessary to offer a comprehensive view of a full-scale operational environment. After trying it out, if you feel that’s the perfect framework for your application need, it works the way you want it to work, deploy your own DevNet from your RaaS dashboard which only you or your organization has access.”

Ghan Vashishtha

Co-founder and CTO of Zeeve

How to Access the Demo Network?

Navigate to the ‘Polygon CDK’ option in the left panel of the Zeeve RaaS dashboard. Click on ‘View’ to access the CDK test network dashboard. 

Zeeve and Shared Polygon CDK DevNet
  • Overview Screen: Displays key details such as provisioning duration, status, Layer 1 information, Cloud Infrastructure data, block count, and alerts.
  • Blockchain Configuration: Manage your CDK appchain’s settings, including gas and transaction configurations, and download the Genesis file as needed.
  • Bridge: Access bridge operations by clicking the bridge icon, leading you to the Polygon CDK Bridge page.
  • My Nodes: Check the status and details of the zkEVM and RPC nodes. For more information, click on the ‘View Details’ icon.
  • My Wallet: Access sequencer and aggregator addresses and balances, with direct links to view details on Explorers.
  • Smart Contracts: View smart contracts via the Explorer by clicking the designated icon.
  • Cloud Infrastructure: Information on the region, cloud type, and storage specifications of the demo network.
  • DAC Committee and Sample Apps: Coming soon.
  • Explorer Buttons: Quick access to L1 and L2 Explorers.
  • Analytics: Monitor node performance in real-time, with insights into CPU usage, memory, network activity, and blockchain-specific metrics.
  • Documentation: A newly integrated ‘Info’ button on the Demo Network Card provides direct access to comprehensive documentation, enhancing user experience and streamlining the setup process on the Zeeve platform.

Looking for something more personal? Jump into your own CDK sandbox today and start shaping your own blockchain space! Kick things off with a 15-day free trial. Check this video to see how easy it is to deploy your CDK chain DevNet. 

Got questions? Our blockchain experts are ready to chat. Schedule a call today!


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