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99.99% uptime SLA
Advance Analytics
Proactive Monitoring
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We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Zeeve Inc. as a Supernets Implementation Partner. Zeeve’s strong capabilities in enterprise-grade AppChain deployments and dedication to innovation and excellence resonate well with our values at Polygon. Working together, we aim to deliver scalable, secure, and efficient Supernets AppChains infrastructure solutions while striving to enhance our services for our clients. This partnership enables us to offer various services, including implementing, deploying, and maintaining Supernets AppChains,

Polygon Testimonial
Sunny Kaiwar

Head of Implementation Partners, Polygon

Build Your DApp on Polygon zkEVM with Zeeve's
Scalable and Secure Infrastructure Platform

Zeeve is a leading provider of blockchain infrastructure offering a variety of services that can help
you build and deploy your dApp on Polygon zkEVM


Deploy Node in minutes

Deploy a dedicated Polygon zkEVM node in minutes on the cloud of your choice or use Zeeve Managed service. Develop dApps or deploy smart contracts, or manage transactions on the network.

Secure Endpoints

Secure Endpoints

Zeeve is a proprietary architecture that provides military-grade security for deploying nodes to connect to the Polygon zkEVM network. It ensures secure endpoints for users to access the network and protect their data.

Developer Friendly

Developer Friendly

Zeeve zkEVM node deployment service is highly optimized for availability, reliability, and performance to enable developers to focus on building dApps and smart contracts.

Ready plugins

Ready plugins

Ready plugins are compatible with user-friendly APIs, flexible networks, and a helpful set of libraries that can be set up with your secure zkEVM node via an easy-to-use control panel.

Enterprise-grade Uptime

Ensure maximum uptime with enterprise-grade reliability by automatically configuring a redundant node. Our multi-cloud, multi-region support ensures your service or application is always available.


Polygon zkEVM nodes are proactively monitored in our network to instantly alert users of any abnormality.
FLUREE stars
Zeeve and Fluree’s technology integration will allow for faster blockchain development and deployments of enterprise solutions by combining Fluree’s blockchain data management technology with Zeeve’s infrastructure automation and advance analytics capabilities.
Brian Platz
CEO, Fluree
BDC stars
When we looked for a Partner to support us in the development it had to be one that had our same Vision and Purpose at Blockchain DC. When we found Zeeve, we saw that they had an interdisciplinary group with the vision of transmitting knowledge beyond a service, to give an added value to our customers and also help us grow together.
Carmen Esther
CTO & Co-Founder, BDC
Zeeve is an incredible partner for us. The Zeeve platform complements our innovative Blockchain courses to help students learn Blockchain practically from the comfort of their homes. It has taken the Blockchain learning to a next level by helping young students to become entrepreneurs of tomorrow.
Jeeven Saini
CEO, Sofocles Labs
It worked like Magic! We tested every BaaS solution out there for Fabric and found Zeeve to be the best. Because, the depth of configurations and ease of use helped us deploy our Blockchain consortium in time with huge cost savings. The support from the Zeeve team was timely and noteworthy. It was like working with your own team.
Rishabh Garg
CTO, Gram Cover
COREUM stars
Zeeve was one of the first Coreum ecosystem partners, and we could not be more thrilled to have the project officially going live with Coreum Mainnet. Accessibility and reliability are both fundamental for companies to adopt blockchain solutions, and Zeeve provides uninterrupted access to Coreum, making it as easy as possible to run a validator node and reap the benefits of the ecosystem while contributing to network security,.
Bob Ras
Co-creator, Coreum
TEZOS stars
At Tezos India, we are always keen to collaborate with brands that share our vision for the adoption of blockchain. We found a like-minded partner in Zeeve and their enthusiastic team has the potential to ensure a smooth transition of businesses to Web 3.0. This partnership aligns with our mission to foster innovation and enable seamless access to our blockchain technology. We look forward to seeing the positive impact of this collaboration on the Tezos ecosystem.
Om Malviya
President, Tezos India
We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Zeeve Inc. as a Supernets Implementation Partner. Zeeve's strong capabilities in enterprise-grade AppChain deployments and dedication to innovation and excellence resonate well with our values at Polygon. Working together, we aim to deliver scalable, secure, and efficient Supernets AppChains infrastructure solutions while striving to enhance our services for our clients. This partnership enables us to offer various services, including implementing, deploying, and maintaining Supernets AppChains, focusing on meeting our clients' needs and promoting adopting AppChains technologies responsibly and sustainably.
Sunny Kaiwar
Head of Implementation Partners, Polygon
We are thrilled about this integration with Zeeve. It will bring significant benefits to our users and validators, enabling them to easily deploy and manage Shardeum validator nodes on a reliable and secure platform. We believe that this collaboration will accelerate the adoption of our technology and further strengthen the security and decentralization of Shardeum.
Nischal Shetty
Co-founder, Shardeum
dcomm stars
Rapid deployment of reliable web3 infrastructure, which enables developer adoption is a key focus for DComm. Given the highly skilled team of Zeeve, headed by Dr Ravi and Ghan, partnering was an obvious choice. The Zeeve partnership means DComm is already ahead of the curve in enabling devs to build dApps, provision nodes, validate and stake.
Gareth Beesley
CEO, DComm
"The collaboration between Energy Web and Zeeve marks an important milestone in the evolution of validator infrastructure for our enterprise member community. Infrastructure-as-a-service streamlines the process of participating as a validator, allowing companies to focus on their core business while helping maintain the integrity and security of the network,"
Jesse Morris
Chief Executive Officer, Energy Web
MELD stars
"We are immensely excited to collaborate with Zeeve, who has proven instrumental in facilitating MELD's vision of seamless and efficient Node operation, "Zeeve's scalable services and easy onboarding mechanism have been pivotal in our success of becoming the largest subnet on Avalanche. This collaboration will undoubtedly propel us further in our commitment to our community and the broader Avalanche ecosystem."
Ken Olling
Co-Founder, MELD
TELOS stars
"Partnering with Zeeve will open many doors for Telos and our entire global community by onboarding one of the world's leading blockchain infrastructure management organizations into our growing ecosystem, Not only can Zeeve assist with node deployment and management on Telos, but they can also introduce our network to a huge community of technologists in one of the world's fastest developing nations."
Sukesh Tedla
Liquidity and Exchanges Director, Telos
RYMEDI stars
"Zeeve’s application of world-class blockchain infrastructure technology enables us to improve healthcare information security with multi-jurisdictional compliance, and that is a market differentiator we’re extremely proud of. Our partnership brings to market innovative and advanced technology with a patient-centric mindset, ensuring the highest safety and efficiency standards. Zeeve’s global approach aligns seamlessly with Rymedi’s goal to bring increased wellness to patients worldwide, solving life science market issues head-on."
David Stefanich
CEO, Rymedi
RYMEDI stars
Building with ZK Stack and deploying highly customizable blockchains opens up a whole new design space for projects to launch use cases that weren’t possible before. With the addition of zkSync’s new prover upgrade in Boojum its design around state differences (“state diffs”), zkSync is now also consistently one of the cheapest rollups.” “Paired with Zeeve’s state-of-the-art RaaS offering, builders can seamlessly deploy in a time and cost-effective manner and be laser-focused on their innovative use cases,”
Marco Cora
Sr VP of business and operations, Matter Labs
RYMEDI stars
“We’re excited to partner with Zeeve to collaborate on building the best possible experience for applications building on rollups! Many projects have been moving to app-specific rollups over the past few months, both within games and more general consumer-facing projects, so we’re thrilled to partner with one of the leaders in the space to combine our UX technology with their chain infrastructure and together offer an amazing customer experience,”
Akshay Malhotra
Co-founder and CEO of Halliday
RYMEDI stars
By leveraging Zeeve’s RaaS, & plugging in Biconomy’s AA into their stack, dApps can offer a web2-like experience. Zeeve ensures that transactions are fast and super cheap. Thus, dApps can easily budget to sponsor the user’s gas & offer a gasless UX by leveraging our paymasters. dApps can also leverage Biconomy Smart Accounts to enable login with socials, 1 click UX, remove annoying wallet pop-ups & more!”
Aniket Jindal
Co-founder of Biconomy
RYMEDI stars
We are thrilled to be working with Zeeve to accelerate the proliferation of Avalanche subnets. By removing the technical and economic barriers to building subnets through Zeeve’s enterprise-grade blockchain infrastructure, the partnership with BENQI Ignite will spur developer innovation and experimentation on Avalanche.
Dan Mgbor
co-founder of BENQI
RYMEDI stars
We are excited to announce our partnership with Zeeve, This collaboration aligns us with Ethereum’s rollup-centric roadmap, enabling us to actively participate in the growing ecosystem of rollups and contribute to the development of DeFi and other applications requiring both on-chain and off-chain data. RaaS providers, like Zeeve, occupy a strategic position, working directly with the builders and gaining insights into novel rollup use cases from a very early stage. Our goal is to provide flexible and super reliable oracles exactly where the innovation is happening and we believe this partnership is just the right way to do that.
Matt Gurbiel
Head of Business Development at RedStone
RYMEDI stars
“Financial services require plug-and-play infrastructure,Zeeve’s integration with Provenance Blockchain makes it faster and more cost-effective for financial institutions and financial service providers to spin-up and operate a node on the Provenance Blockchain network. One-click reduces complications as well as the costs associated with launching and managing a node.”
Joshua Maddox
Head of Developer Ecosystem at Provenance Blockchain Foundation
RYMEDI stars
Our collaboration with Zeeve eases protocol differentiation for L2 teams. This partnership streamlines the integration of key features like encrypted mempools, freeing up these teams to deepen community ties and broaden partnerships. Incorporating Shutter’s threshold encryption into Zeeve’s Rollup as a Service not only provides robust rollup chain management but also fortifies the trading experience against front-running, fostering a more secure and fair ecosystem. It’s a step towards realizing the ‘many rollup’ theory, where true protocol differentiation leads to a more diverse and robust ecosystem.
Luiz Bezzenberger
Product Manager of Shutter
RYMEDI stars
"Arbitrum Orbit chains allow projects to cater their technology offering directly to the needs of their communities, “Zeeve has sought-after experience in blockchain deployment, and adding Orbit capabilities into their suite of services will continue to propel the adoption of blockchain technology and simplify the process for developers looking for a customizable chain."
Nina Rong
Head of Ecosystem Development at Arbitrum Foundation
RYMEDI stars
“$10 Bn worth of assets (poised to become $150 Bn in 3 years) are lying idle on Rollup bridge contracts on Ethereum. Nexus Network has partnered with Zeeve to provide a safe, secure & decentralized infrastructure to earn yields on those assets which increases capital efficiency for rollups while also increasing the network security for Ethereum. This is a very strategic partnership that gives us a platform to integrate with many rollups as Zeeve is an infrastructure leader in this space”.
Mayank Raj
co-founder and CEO of Nexus Network
RYMEDI stars
"NEAR DA’s solution will be accessible to developers launching Layer 2 rollups with Zeeve RaaS, supporting various frameworks as a native integration. Moreover, Zeeve’s extensive partner ecosystem facilitates the integration of diverse protocols and tools, such as interoperability protocols, decentralized oracles, sequencing services, account abstraction SDKs, and more. These integrations are tailored to expand and enhance the functionality of smart contracts and sovereign rollups within the Zeeve RaaS platform.”
Sam Wang
Head of Business Development, NEAR Foundation
RYMEDI stars
We are extremely excited about a rollup-centric future and have built Avail DA as a secure, scalable, and decentralized foundation where these rollups can really thrive. The partnership with Zeeve helps us both take another step towards that rollup-centric future, and we look forward to seeing what new experiences developers build with Avail on the Zeeve platform,”
Anurag Arjun
co-founder of Avail
RYMEDI stars
“Rollups are bringing mass scalability to the blockchain ecosystem, and Zeeve is helping onboard new chains and projects with their RaaS infrastructure solutions, When the infra is taken care of, projects can focus on their own services and unique value propositions. Like Blockscout, Zeeve supports a wide range of public chains, app chains, and enterprise chains, giving projects a flexible onboarding solution when deploying their rollup.”
Igor Barinov
founder , Blockscout
RYMEDI stars
“At Pimlico, we’re thrilled to partner with Zeeve, a leading Rollups-as-a-Service provider, to push the boundaries of blockchain usability and accessibility. Our collaboration represents a significant leap toward solving the prevalent challenges in the blockchain ecosystem, particularly in making wallets and DApps more intuitive and user-friendly. With Zeeve’s robust infrastructure and our cutting-edge Account Abstraction stack, developers and businesses can now build on rollup chains with unprecedented ease and flexibility. This partnership is not just about technology integration; it’s about setting a new standard for blockchain interactions, where security, convenience, and efficiency are paramount. Together, we’re committed to delivering solutions that empower users with seamless blockchain experiences, paving the way for broader adoption and innovation in the space.”
Kristof Gazso
Founder of Pimlico
RYMEDI stars
“With Zeeve and EigenDA, rollup developers will be able to launch and manage rollups that scale to the 10s of thousands of TPS without breaking a sweat, and without sacrificing decentralization. The era of cheap, secure, and reliable blockspace is upon us.”
Teddy Knox
Research Engineer at EigenLabs
RYMEDI stars
“In the pursuit of creating decentralized applications that a wide consumer market can adopt, it’s vital to reduce the friction of utilizing and onboarding users to Web3 to the minimum. By making onboarding as similar to Web2’s as possible and enabling developers to seamlessly access the benefits of account abstraction within their dApps, Particle Network, and Zeeves are paving the way for developers building on roll-ups to offer a next-generation User Experience. Time and time again, we have seen the impact this simple yet powerful and secure addition has for Web3 products, and are excited to collaborate with Zeeves on facilitating it”,
Pengyu Wang
CEO of Particle Network
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Key Features of Polygon zkEVM

Full EVM

Polygon zkEVM has support for all EVM opcodes, provides identical gas pricing to the EVM, and has plans to add support for all precompiled EVM smart contracts. This means most Ethereum smart contracts, wallets, and dev tools will work seamlessly on Polygon zkEVM.


Polygon zkEVM utilises cryptographic zero-knowledge technology to provide validation and fast finality of off-chain transaction computations with frequent validity proofs. It aims to deliver throughput similar to Polygon PoS.


Polygon zkEVM lowers total cost of usage by several orders of magnitude for end users. It uses zkSNARK footprint size in L1 for user cost optimization. More the number of transactions, lower the fees as cost of generating proofs is amortized across all the transactions in a batch.

Inherits security
from Ethereum

The entire State of the zkEVM rollup can be independently reproduced on Ethereum. This ensures the Layer 2 network continues to leverage the inherent security of Ethereum, while also reducing the trust requirement for Layer 2.
Why Zeeve

Why Zeeve for your Polygon zkEVM
Deployment and Management ?

Zeeve is trusted by 25000+ developers, Blockchain startups and enterprises for their Blockchain
 deployments and management


Save as much as 97% of your
time by using Zeeve for
Blockchain node and cloud
provisioning in a secure


Setup a secure and reliable
Blockchain nodes and
network using Zeeve’s deeper
understanding of protocols
and DApps.

Zeeve Experts

Achieve better ROI and TCO
using Zeeve’s automated
deployment, monitoring,
analytics and integrations.

Better ROI

Grow your network by inviting
other members to deploy
their own infrastructure
through simple network
management and operation
Frequently asked questions about Polygon zkEVM
Zeeve supports deploying and monitoring the zkEVM Testnet and the Mainnet beta over Zeeve-managed clouds.
We support all major cloud providers with a VM-based native orchestration strategy. The clouds supported are AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, and Private Cloud.
Currently, you can only use Zeeve-managed clouds for zkEVM node deployments. 
Yes, Zeeve provides detailed cloud monitoring alongside zkEVM parameters which helps maintain the uptime of your node.


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Public, permissioned, or staking nodes – in the cloud or on-premise with enterprise grade security and monitoring. Use our ready plugins and APIs for decentralized
Public, permissioned, or staking nodes – in the cloud or on-premise with enterprise grade security and
monitoring. Use our ready plugins and APIs for decentralized
Start your Blockchain Project with
the help of our Team of Experts.

Meet our world famous support team.

They are fast, they are smart, and they will
help you out any time.

Start your Blockchain Project with the help of our Team of Experts.

Meet our world famous support team.

They are fast, they are smart, and they will
help you out any time.

Start your Blockchain Project with the help of our Team of Experts.

Meet our world famous support team.

They are fast, they are smart, and they will help you out any time.

Transparent Hosted Subgraphs Pricing
Our pricing plans are designed to help you start and scale your applications. These are simple with clarity
in what you get and you only pay for the usage under the subscribed plan.
Price Starting from
10 Mn API Units / month
1 GraphQL Query = 20 API Units
15 GraphQL Queries / second
Price Starting from
1 Webhook will be attached to 1 Subgraph
1 Webhook call = 40 API Units
Additional Queries
10 Mn API Units / month
Know more about Hosted Subgraphs.