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October 4, 2022
Zeeve launches enhanced version v2.5.3 of its HyperLedger Fabric deployment stack 


HyperLedger Fabric Deployment with Zeeve is better and more versatile than ever.

We are glad to announce the new upgrade of the Zeeve Platform (v2.5.3) for deployment and management of Hyperledger Fabric networksZeeve is now supporting flexible topology of Hyperledger Fabric deployment of 1.4.X and 2.2.X versions.  The milestone upgrade to Hyperledger Fabric 2.2.X is a leap forward from the previous version of the platform, bringing about a variety of useful features and improvements to our Hyperledger Fabric network deployment with the intention of helping our customers and partners use these enhanced features for their enterprise-grade Blockchain applications, and also boost the network functionality and stability.

Zeeve’s platform enables enterprises to deploy multi-cloud based Hyperledger nodes and networks quickly and efficiently, reducing the time to deploy the Fabric infrastructure to a matter of minutes. These new features support both Hyperledger 1.4.X and 2.2.X versions. 

Key highlights of the upgrades launched for Hyperledger Fabric 1.4.X and 2.2.X on Zeeve:

  1. With this newest feature support, you can now add more organizations to your deployed  Hyperledger Fabric networks in runtime. This will ensure that each organization has the resources it needs to function properly. This will also increase the overall efficiency of your Hyperledger Fabric network.
  1. Scale up/down the number of nodes in your Fabric networks depending on your throughput needs as you go.
  1. Improved detailed monitoring & improved alerting system for all your networks. If there is an issue in your Fabric network, it can be easy to know about it in real-time. This would enable enterprises using Hyperledger Fabric to more effectively monitor their networks and identify problems quickly.
  1. You can now directly download connection profiles of Fabric networks from Zeeve for your applications. Once you have that you can use them to connect to any Fabric network. 
  1. Support of NodeJS chaincodes in CD pipelines using Zeeve CLI along with existing support of Golang. This will make Hyperledger Fabric more accessible to a wider range of developers and allow for more flexibility in application development.

Using the latest Zeeve version v2.5.3 release, now you can confidently scale a Fabric network (both Fabric versions 1.4.X and 2.2.X) across multiple organizations, with each participant managing their own infrastructure, all through an intuitive Zeeve interface.

Why Zeeve for deploying Hyperledger Fabric?

  • Zeeve makes sure your infrastructure is constantly upgraded for better performance and stability. Our current support for LTS version 1.4.X and the latest Hyperledger Fabric v2.2.X takes care of all your network deployment and ongoing management needs.  
  • We offer granular configuration for deploying multiple Fabric nodes. Zeeve provides detailed configurations, starting from consensus to orderers, Organization Creation, CA, Peers, choice of Db and even channel creation.
  • We have production-tested Kubernetes orchestration with standardized and efficient Fabric network deployments, including CA, Peers, Orderers, and Chaincodes.
  • We support all major cloud providers like AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, and Linode. With heterogeneous cloud deployment, you are not locked to one vendor. Utilize our Managed Fabric or Bring your own Cloud (Self-Managed Fabric) deployment options on the choice of cloud or on-premise.

Learn more on Hyperledger fabric node deployment services with Zeeve.

About Zeeve

Zeeve is an enterprise-grade automation platform providing deployment, monitoring and management of Blockchain nodes and networks. We make it very easy to deploy your Blockchain nodes and Decentralized Apps using our intuitive and no-code platform. You can deploy your nodes in a matter of minutes and manage your nodes and networks with advanced analytics, monitoring and real time alerts. Be it large enterprises or blockchain start-ups and developers, we enable innovators across the industry to strengthen the decentralized future and expand the blockchain and web3 infrastructure by offering multiple permissioned as well as public blockchain frameworks and support the deployment on multi-cloud environments along with value-added infrastructure services.

To learn more about Zeeve, visit our Developer Center or join us on Twitter and Telegram.

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