Zeeve launched ‘Wrench’- a tool for launching Polkadot and Kusama Parachain devNet in just a few clicks
Zeeve Team
Zeeve Team
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Leading RaaS and managed appchain infrastructure platform Zeeve has launched ‘Wrench’- an intuitive and simple tool to launch a production-grade Parachain devNet on rococo-local. This will provide a complete toolkit for setting up a multi-node, managed, and distributed Parachain test network with analytics, monitoring capabilities, and alerts.

Developers not deeply versed in Substrate or parachains often encounter a steep learning curve and significant time investment when setting up testnet parachains. They face challenges with intricate coding, setup configurations, and debugging, which can significantly delay the launch of a production-grade parachain. Zeeve’s Wrench simplifies building, running, and testing a parachain on Rococo, offering pre-defined templates and providing management tools for fine-tuning configurations, ultimately expediting development and ensuring a smooth transition to mainnet deployment.

“Zeeve is happy to launch ‘Wrench’ for Polkadot and Kusama parachain developers. “Using this, builders can launch parachain devNets in just a few clicks. There are pre-defined parachain node templates that simplify the configuration process. They can define and generate chain specifications on the go, set up security measures, and define and deploy. We believe this will make the deployment and management of parachains much easier than ever.”

Dr Ravi Chamria

Co-founder and CEO of Zeeve

“The Parachain template now allows for a fixed configuration of 2 Collator Nodes, 1 RPC Node on top of a rococo-local, and 2 node rococo-local relay chain. While initially, Zeeve Wrench supports the rococo-local environment, we will expand its reach. In the future, it will support mainnet environments on Kusama and Polkadot, offering users an even wider array of possibilities.” 

Ghan Vashishtha

Co-founder and CTO of Zeeve

Here are all the benefits Zeeve Wrench has for parachains: 

Launch Parachain devNet in a few clicks

Zeeve ‘Wrench’ is engineered to make launching a Parachain devNet a breeze. With its user-friendly web interface, users can initiate the Parachain launch process using default configurations or tailor it to their specific needs with an inbuilt chain-spec editor for fine-tuning genesis configurations. The launch wizard will have end-to-end configuration and guided setups to help the user create the network of their choice.

Collator and Chain-spec configuration

The automation will offer a simplistic wizard-based configuration to set up the chain-spec for Parachains. Whether utilizing pre-defined parachain node templates or uploading custom chain-spec files and wasm, Zeeve ‘Wrench’ caters to various development preferences. Developers can define chain ID, chain type, pre-mined addresses, token symbols, names, and more, ensuring a tailored Parachain network.

Management and monitoring Dashboard

Zeeve ‘Wrench’ offers a dedicated management console to simplify network management. The dashboard displays all active and defined configurations for your Parachain. It also grants access to the genesis chain-spec, pre-mined addresses with balances, RPC, and collator nodes, along with in-depth System and Blockchain analytics and monitoring tools.

Log Viewer for Enhanced Insights

Additionally, Wrench has an integrated Log viewer, providing users invaluable insights into their Parachain network’s performance and activity.

This new offering will significantly enhance the experience of over 27,000 users and more than 40 institutions already leveraging the Zeeve platform while offering substantial advantages to the wider Substrate and parachain developer community. Zeeve’s battle-tested infrastructure stack, a team of world-class blockchain and devOps experts, and proven track record of deploying over 6,000+ nodes across 40+ protocols position it as a valuable contributor to the Web3 ecosystem.

Try the Zeeve Wrench 1-click Sandbox now

Log on to the Zeeve Platform and sign up for the free trial of the 1-click Sandbox. The trial allows you to deploy and manage your Parachain devNet with complete features and a fully managed experience. It is also supported by 24×7 monitoring and technical support for any queries you may have while running your Parachain devNet.

Kick-start your Web3 Journey with Zeeve:

  • Build your custom chain with our Rollups-as-a-Service (RaaS), launch application-specific Optimistic and zk Rollup chains with all required infrastructure components in days instead of weeks.
  • Deploy and manage dedicated nodes & shared RPCs across 40+ blockchain protocols, including public, permissive, and application-specific blockchains. See the complete list here
  • Easily index blockchain and smart contract data from top public blockchains, appchains, and Rollups using Zeeve managed custom subgraph and subquery projects.
  • With our 24/7 monitoring, intricate graphical dashboards, and enterprise-level SLAs, you’re guaranteed a robust, efficient, and secure web3 infrastructure. We work smart, so that you can focus on building your application. 


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