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April 19, 2023
Zeeve Adds Validator Nodes Support for Flow Blockchain
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Now it’s easy for institutions and investors to run a validator node on Flow for maximized yields while mitigating performance-related risks

We are thrilled to unveil our latest offering: white-labeled Flow validator node support on the Zeeve platform, empowering users to effortlessly deploy validator nodes on Flow in just a matter of clicks.

Flow is a cutting-edge L1 blockchain, specifically tailored for high-throughput web3 applications like gaming, digital collectibles, decentralized finance, and beyond. Boasting an innovative multi-node architecture that enables fast and low-cost transactions, Flow delivers an unparalleled user experience, perfectly suited for mainstream adoption.

By integrating Flow validator nodes, Zeeve allows institutions and individual investors to easily participate in the network as validators for maximized yields while contributing to the blockchain’s security and decentralization.

Flow: A Scalable and Battle-Tested Blockchain with Exceptional Features

Flow is a distinctive and advanced blockchain with an array of unique features, making it an attractive choice for investors and institutions. Central to its design is a multi-node architecture, which divides validation tasks among four distinct types of nodes. This novel approach enhances transaction processing efficiency without relying on sharding techniques, allowing Flow to accommodate high-throughput applications with rapid and cost-effective transactions.

Additionally, Flow offers upgradable smart contracts and a user-centric account model, providing exceptional security and flexibility. These features contribute to the development of secure and robust dApps, fostering growth within the Flow ecosystem.

With the trust of world-class brands like NBA, NFL, Ticketmaster, and Mattel, over 11,000 developers building on its platform, more than 360 million total transactions as of the publishing date, and ranking second in NFT transaction volume, Flow is a frontrunner in driving web3 adoption.

All these features combined make Flow a highly attractive choice for investors and institutions looking for a high-performance blockchain network.

Zeeve: The Ideal Platform for Your Flow Validator Nodes

Leverage Zeeve’s enterprise-grade staking infrastructure to make your validator node deployment on Flow smoother and more seamless. Discover what Zeeve has to offer for Flow Staking Nodes:

Secure Validator Nodes: 

Run all types of Flow validator nodes (collection, consensus, verification, or execution). Zeeve enables users to run their own white-labeled validator nodes with 24/7 security monitoring. We handle all your needs, ensuring your nodes stay online, in sync, and up-to-date.

Non-custodial Staking: 

Zeeve is a non-custodial staking infrastructure platform, meaning validators maintain full control and ownership of their funds at all times. We manage the underlying infrastructure while you control your dedicated staking node.

Institutional-Grade Node Infrastructure: 

Zeeve’s infrastructure is designed for maximum resilience, uptime, and validator integrity. We ensure that your validator nodes are always active, mitigating slashing or performance-related risks.

Vital Analytics & 24/7 Monitoring: 

Zeeve offers round-the-clock resource monitoring for your staking nodes, cloud resources, and logs. Access vital staking parameters and node performance through our graphical dashboard with proactive alerts and notifications.

We believe that our combination of no-code deployment, institution-grade uptime, performance, in-depth analytics, and a unified dashboard for resource monitoring make Zeeve a standout option for institutions looking to deploy and manage validator nodes on Flow.

About Zeeve

Zeeve is the leading Web3 infrastructure provider in the world. Zeeve provides enterprise-grade web3 infrastructure, including full nodes and staking infrastructure, for 40+ blockchain protocols. Zeeve’s robust and reliable Web3 infrastructure platform has won the trust of thousands of web3 startups and investors across geographies. With 23,000+ developers, 100+ large enterprises, and 4,000+ nodes, Zeeve is the preferred developer and staking infrastructure provider for all popular blockchain protocols.

Need more information on Flow Staking Nodes? Want to learn more about how we can help? Connect with us today and see how Zeeve can simplify your staking node deployment experience on the Flow blockchain.

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