Traceye Unveils Fast and Reliable Data Indexing for Appchains & Rollups 
Zeeve Team
Zeeve Team
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Single New Blog Page
Data Indexing for Appchains & Rollups 

We’re thrilled to announce that Traceye now supports seamless indexing of custom appchain and rollup data, complete with all the necessary add-ons. Users can effortlessly index data for custom Ethereum L2/L3 rollups, Avalanche Subnets, permissioned chains like Hyperledger Besu, Cosmos SDK Chains, and Substrate chains (including Polkadot Parachains and all relay chains) using open-source Graph and SubQuery indexer nodes.

These Traceye nodes come with benefits like ultrafast indexing, zero maintenance, high availability with 99.99% uptime, enterprise-grade security, 24/7 resource monitoring, and more. With dedicated appchain and rollup indexers, businesses will have:

  • Unlimited Subgraphs
  • Unlimited queries
  • No limits on entities
  • No limits on query throughput

Features of Appchains & Rollups Dedicated Indexers:

For each subgraph or subquery project launched using Traceye, we provide everything necessary for effective management:

  • Notifications and logs
  • Import subgraphs feature
  • Standard one-click Token & NFT API for ERC 20, 721, & 1155 standards
  • Analytics and insights

Node Management:

Every plan includes access to an analytical dashboard for monitoring the resource consumption of your dedicated rollup and appchain indexer nodes. Features include:

  • Infrastructure monitoring (CPU, RAM, & Storage)
  • Service level resource utilization  tracking
  • Optimization of node storage & performance with ‘Plus’ features by:
  1. Pruning ledger data
  2. Pruning indexed data

Plus Features:

The Standard, Business, and Enterprise plans on Traceye come in a ‘Plus’ version, which provides enhanced developer tools like:

  • Webhooks
  • Direct database access
  • Custom entities
  • Pruning module for ledger and indexed data for performance & storage optimization

Kick Start your Blockchain Data Indexing Journey with Traceye

Traceye offers everything you need for your blockchain data requirements. Access leading public chain data, appchains &  rollups data, discounted community subgraphs, shared and dedicated indexers, and even get consultation on your Subgraph / DeFi project.

“Traceye is a one-stop shop for your blockchain data needs. Appchains and rollups are coming out as the most suited solutions for custom business needs, and Traceye enables seamless indexing of all their on-chain activities using custom GraphQL APIs. We offer multiple plans, from Basic, Standard, Business, and Enterprise-focused, tailored to match your varying data needs within your budget.”

Dr Ravi Chamria

Co-founder, and CEO of Zeeve

Need more information on Traceye? Visit our page. Want to give it a first shot? Get a complementary subgraph for developmental purposes. Start free. Have queries? Talk to our experts and see how Traceye can simplify your blockchain data needs. 


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