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May 4, 2023
Top 5 Decentralized Storage Services Provider Companies
Top 5 Decentralized storage services provider companies


The business market and the user data go hand and hand. To have a successful business – organizations and companies make a lot of efforts to collect the right data and work according to that. Having a better market analysis helps the organization to make greater future decisions.

In the past decade, more and more enterprises are embracing blockchain technology. However, blockchain in itself cannot store large-size files. Decentralized storage services show a solution to store multiple data under a single name but in different nodes, as they are connected to each other but still work as individual nodes. 

But different storage systems work differently and have their own features. Choosing one best for the organization sometimes becomes a heavy task – so looking for reviews is the best an enterprise can do. 

In this article, we will let you know the Top 5 decentralized storage services provider companies. So let’s dive into it!

Decentralized Storage Services Providers

Before adopting decentralized storage solutions, most companies chose centralized storage solutions. Here you may face problems such as single point of failure, costly and limited scalability.  

The decentralized storage providers are there to share data from computing systems in the various servers. This helps the clients to use multiple resources — similarly, they use local storage. Decentralized storage services are known for improving the transparency, performance, security, and availability of data. The top 5 decentralized storage services service provider companies are:

1- Filebase IPFS

Filebase IPFS is a layer-2 storage solution that helps organizations and users to store data and access it through multiple decentralized storage systems with pin data provided by IPFS.

It’s a secure and geo-redundant platform that helps organizations to store data authentically, update it with new nodes, and repair it automatically without any interruption.

The platform is free-to-use with a storage capacity of 5GB data, with more than 1000 individual files to store with connected nodes. But to upgrade with a premium plan, the cost intakes $5.99 for 1 TB data storage and bandwidth, or $20 for 200 GB data storage with 400 GB bandwidth on connected nodes of IPFS.

Filebase caches objects that are frequently attached to it previously so to access its details without asking users to pay for bandwidth.

Why FIleBase IPFS?

  • Provide Peer-to-Peer Solution: As every client node is connected to one big centralized server, the filebase gave us easy access by providing a peer-to-peer node connected system. Every node is connected and works simultaneously as a server or client both.

With this, a peer has the authority to request any file from another peer to provide solutions and get related data from other peers.

  • IPFS Gateways and Pinning: To provide enterprises and organizations with a better experience with their services, the filebase contains dedicated gateways that help users to experience their own custom domain name.

With IPFS pinning, the user can access data and retrieve any information from the file that was previously served by any other peer. Pinning provides assurance that no  IPFS information files go into garbage collection if any peer has retained it previously. 

Through pinning, all files are easily uploaded in the IPFS bucket and in filebase infrastructure.

  • Optimized image: Filebase also provides resizing images and graphics according to user needs, and upload them with just a single click.

2- Zeeve – ZDFS

One of the leading decentralized storage services providers is Zeeve which provides a decentralized storage system that is secure and reliable for large data storage. It helps you to upload your files easily in a decentralized format, check it anytime as it is encrypted by hash codes and available in the IPFS network, so there is no worrying about node management.

Zeeve ensures to provide optimized distributed services that are highly tested and matched by professionals and experts. We promise to secure your digital asset with utmost sincerity and security and also help your long-term future goals.

With our reports, you can conclude with better organization solutions and better market research analysis – as we can understand your digital asset phases and document them properly.

With us, with Zeeve – Blockchain and Web3 management seems so simple and reliable to go ahead with these technologies.

Why Zeeve – ZDFS?

  • 12 Dedicated gateway: To fulfill the business needs, Zeeve addresses the problem by providing dedicated gateway solutions in a limited time. Zeeve monthly plan includes 12 dedicated gateways that increase your data storage request limits with higher speed and frequency.
  • One-click decentralized storage services: With Zeeve distributed system, customers get a one-click interface that helps them to insert, upload, edit, modify, delete, pin or unpin their content in an easy context.
  • Cost-optimized performance: One of the major reasons to choose  Zeeve distributed system over others is because it is very cost-effective with other benefits of higher scalability, fast and secure mode, the decentralized pattern of work, and higher transparency provided while keeping your industry and business model in mind.

You can read the signup process for ZDFS in detail here.

3. Storj

The next decentralized storage system is Storj, that currently works with more than 10000 active nodes with six petabytes of storage capacity included. The platform enables users or clients to network, negotiate, integrate data, prepare and discuss contracts, update data, check availability, connect with other nodes, and transfer money.

It’s built on the peer-to-peer communication model, which includes blockchain architecture in it. Storj fulfills long-term business model goals while sustainable limits.

The three important components of Storj are – 

  • The storage node: That store the data and return it specifically when called by a peer.
  • The Satellite: It works as a mediator between nodes and links, basically help in deciding which nodes goes under which file.
  • The Uplink: This works as software that provides or gets information from different networks.

It is mostly used in video storage, a large amount of data or software distribution, cloud application data storage, operating a wide variety of networks, buying or selling blockchain tokens.

Why Storj?

  • Encrypted Data: Using storj gives you the benefit of automatically encrypting all your data using AES-256-GCM encryption. It means all your files are only seen and updated by you and with those who you share, it can’t be seen and accessed by anyone from the net.

The storj finds it crucial to encrypt all your data prior to upload on the node so only you own your data with full authority.

  • Distribute Data with Splitting File System: All the data after being encrypted, is split into small pieces or files so you can only get correct information while searching or retrieving data. 

Each file gets into 80 maximum pieces but while retrieving any of those 29 only be accessed in one go. The file split in a way that they can perform different operations, connect with different networks, and provide better information supply at a given node.

This splitting provides better security so as one data store under one node, but still all data store together and retrieved whenever you need. So while distributing data over the globe, it gives better security with these splitting systems. Storj has more than 16k nodes in 80+ countries access.

  • Retrieving Data With No Failure: One of the important features of choosing Storj is that even if one node gets offline, it wouldn’t impact all other files. 

4. Filecoin Storage

Another major decentralized storage that works on providing storage options as an open platform. It’s a platform that provides you space to store data and also get paid while storing other data.

An open decentralized platform – Filecoin gives us a space to store, update, and retrieve data from an open source.

Why Filecoin?

  • Provide Large Open Market: With Filecoin, users and clients need to negotiate deals in an open market – with this feature it lowers the barrier to entering more users and storing data in a safe place.
  • Provide Storage to Other Blockchain Systems: Filecoin Blockchain system is designed in a way that not only stores large files and information but also stores other blockchains that store limited information and not very expensive to store. Filecoin is working on this system continuously to make it better and more reliable.
  • No-lock-In System: Traditional storage systems use lock-in systems for users making it expensive to retrieve data from nodes and rely on the APIs. But with the Filecoin storage system, the retrieval of data is easy and also negotiable by prices.

5. Pinata

Pinata is a decentralized management service that allows clients and users to host and manage their files in a secure and reliable way. They ensure to help both technical and non-technical clients to store their data with a pinning service attached.

They also help creators and influencers to scale their content journey while storing data with them and don’t worry about the technical side of it.

Pinata provides various pricing offers from getting their service free of cost and starting with the web3 journey to buying their subscription plans starting from $20 to $1000 per month.

Why Pinata?

  • Secure IPFS Data uploads: Using IPFS helps Pinata and users both to get frequent content and grow their network. With secure uploading data, pinata also uses a pinning system to create a more secure platform.
  • Rich Previews and Links: With a high sharing range, it offers clients to get rich previews of content and built-in links that are easy to share and update.

Choose the best-decentralized storage services with Zeeve

Our web3 infrastructure management platform supports various enterprises, individuals, and blockchain start-ups. The building, deploying, and managing of decentralized apps and blockchain networks becomes hassle-free with Zeeve and its decentralized storage system. Our low code automation platform supports multiple blockchain protocols and provides advanced analytics for monitoring the nodes. 

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