Introducing Discounted Access to Popular Community and DeFi Subgraphs on Traceye
Zeeve Team
Zeeve Team
Single New Blog Page
Single New Blog Page
Community and DeFi Subgraphs on Traceye

We are happy to announce that we have added support for a range of community subgraphs on Traceye. Anyone with a Zeeve account can now query them at a discounted price without writing or deploying these subgraphs.

Community Subgraphs are Open-source subgraphs of popular DeFi protocols and dApps that developers most often need to query. Typically, hosting these subgraphs could cost anywhere from $600 to $3000+ on shared infrastructure because of the sheer number of storage entities. However, with Traceye, we’re offering access for just $39. These subgraphs are pre-configured and ready to query the moment you activate them. Each subgraph comes with a dedicated page in your dashboard for easy access. Traceye ensures these subgraphs are continuously synchronized and accurate.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Supported Protocols & Chains: Query protocols like Uniswap (on Polygon, Optimism, Ethereum), Aave (on Ethereum, Fantom), Compound (on Ethereum), Premia (on Arbitrum), and GBC bridge (on Gnosis).
  • High Query Capacity: Each community subgraph receives 10 million API Units per month, with a throughput of 15 Queries per second.
  • Flexible Add-ons: Enhance your setup with options like Webhooks, an additional 10 million API units, and an extra 1 million storage units as needed.

Activating these community subgraphs does not affect your quota of stored entities, updated entities, deployments, or other subgraphs. Only the queries to these community subgraphs will be billed.

We Want to Hear from You!

If there’s a specific subgraph you or your project would benefit from, or if there’s popular demand for a new subgraph, don’t hesitate to suggest it. We’re here to make your data querying efficient and cost-effective.

Take advantage of these robust, ready-to-query subgraphs and supercharge your DeFi projects!

Get Started here


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