Beginner’s Guide to Tron: The Decentralized Entertainment Economy
Dr. Ravi Chamria
Dr. Ravi Chamria
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The Internet has changed drastically from what it was in the initial phase of the 21st century to how it was later used. There has been a drastic shift in power over the last two decades. From the free and open source medium, the web came to be controlled by the technology giants who used the internet to feed content in more deceptive fashion than ever before. The big entertainment and technology firms came to exercise more power and hence content creators suffered as a result of such increased centralization of the web. However, the emergence of the third iteration of the web- web 3 has opened up possibilities for a decentralized ecosystem. There are many blockchain projects that are providing decentralized options that allow users to share, receive, and view news and media, music, video, and data from blockchain options with no ties to corporate interests. One such blockchain protocol that upholds the principle of decentralization and has emerged to provide more power to content creators than big tech giants is the Tron project.

Overview of the Tron blockchain and Trx

Tron is a blockchain operating system but it has thus far been used primarily for entertainment purposes. Tron facilitates the propagation and distribution of original digital content.

The Singapore-based non-profit Tron Foundation launched TRON in 2017, which is a major decentralized platform for sharing content using blockchain technology. The primary objective of this blockchain-based protocol is to bring about a greater transformation in the entertainment industry, across all platforms, including the Internet channels such as YouTube and other mediums. The content creation and entertainment space is likely to get disrupted by this high-potential problem solving Tron blockchain project.

Tron’s native cryptocurrency, TRX, is the primary medium of exchange on the Tron blockchain. Because of this, it is ideal for clients and content providers to exchange on the platform.

The foremost benefit of this is that content producers and entrepreneurs will no longer have to wait to pull the plug on their products whenever platforms like YouTube cancel their services. Tron allows content creators to profit from rewards being paid for sharing content, live and recorded video, images, or text.

Tron is attempting to eliminate the middleman in its own medium by taking advantage of the combination of peer-to-peer networking along with blockchain technology. Through the deployment of Tron network nodes, the content creators will not have to take a slash in their fees as they would no longer be subject to intermediaries and they can also reach their audience directly, thus lucratively monetizing their content. 

This new decentralized entertainment platform aims to bridge the gap between the content creators and consumers.  The TRON project aims to create a more decentralized entertainment system. The main idea is that, by giving content creators better rewards for their hard work and distributing revenue equally among all members of this industry; we can ensure an everlasting flow of creativity within our society as well as provide people with high-quality media generated directly from its users rather than just having it being controlled by large corporations who make most profit off these websites without paying much attention towards quality or innovation anyway!

Blockchain powering the decentralized model for entertainment space   

The bigger content streaming platforms such as Netflix often control the way the content is streamed and it takes a bigger pie of the subscriber’s fees. However, the content producers are left with only a small portion of the total profits made. The blockchain would allow users and content creators to directly meet, just like platforms such as Patreon work in relation to YouTubers. These platforms are the beginning of a decentralized world where film producers can freely create something without the need for the approval of an authority. However, YouTubers rely on platforms like YouTube to market their content.


TRON setup the world’s first decentralized application store – DappHouse, in October of 2018. A decentralized application (dApp) uses a peer-to-peer network, in which computers on the mesh network fulfill various roles. Unlike Netflix, a dApp system is not classified, so no person or website is going to have control over the content that’s distributed.

This system on TRON permits content creators to make and produce a motion picture without pitching or seeking the approval of new channels. Anyone can be included as a creator, media sponsors can use the tokens to buy exposure, and the tokens issued to the viewer will go directly to the content creators.

Over the last few years, TRON improved its offerings to help in attaining its target of decentralization of the web. TRON is enabling content creators to develop their individual brands and issue IEOs or STOs, and personal tokens as well.

Role of TRON Token in Decentralizing The Entertainment Ecosystem

On TRON’s blockchain platform, TRX is the native asset used to purchase, buy, develop, or share content on the network and for other purposes. The token also allows its users to hold TRP, which may be locked, supplying the source of TRP voting rights for its holder.

TRON also offers a partnership to organize content that may be used in a variety of formats, including video games or videos. This will allow artists and designers to retain full ownership of their work, which will provide structure to personal ICOs. The TRON platform provided support to the CryptoPuppies, which was a collectible game where users could buy virtual dogs with TRON coins. It was one of the first Tron-supported projects.

TRON protocol enables its users to take part in various application scenarios. The basic unit of account, TRX connects the entire ecosystem with these applications including credit card payments and more! Users can also purchase tokens issued on Tron or obtain energy/bandwidth by freezing them so they have value for future use when needed – all while receiving BTT rewards and also buying virtual gifts on CallMe.

TRON was developed to improve on Ethereum’s lack of scalability with an increased transaction rate up TO 2000 TPS! This means you can use TRX for real-world volumes and allow more people access to this amazing technology. TRX has a higher TPS than other cryptocurrencies, which means that if you want your transactions processed quickly enough then this is one way of going about things!

The Future of Tron blockchain  

Going by the current state of affairs, one can find that an organization finances the development of content from the studios to the end users via a wide variety of channels and platforms – be it mobile, websites or broadcasts and so on. However, the vast majority of the funds go to the organization instead to the content creator.

But all this will change with the greater usage of the Tron-blockchain protocol when the content creators would have the option to distribute their content via the P2P network. The decentralized entertainment ecosystem powered by Tron will see content creators getting paid directly using the tokens by the viewers and advertisers, thereby leading to the elimination of the middleman.

Hence, Tron comes as a powerful peer-to-peer blockchain network that upholds decentralization and provides the entertainment industry with the power to challenge of centralization that has placed control of the Internet in the hands of a select few. The decentralized structure creates a more level playing field for the industry players.

TRON’s blockchain system will revolutionize how we watch content and get paid. Video streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime or HBO could soon be replaced by an all-new cryptocurrency called TRX that rewards viewers who value your work as a creator – just like on YouTube!   

In conclusion, Tron is a platform that has a lot of potential in the entertainment industry. With its recent developments and upcoming releases, it is sure to become a major player in the industry. This could mean big things for both content creators and consumers alike. As such, Tron should be on everyone’s radar as it continues to grow and evolve.

Zeeve for TRON node deployment:

Going by the increased thrust on the idea of decentralizing the Internet, it has become necessary for enterprises to understand the concept of web 3 and also work out a way to better manage the decentralization process. In order to start off with decentralizing the entertainment sector, content creation and entertainment enterprises need to start increasing their awareness and understanding about the Tron node deployment and its importance in protecting digital content. The content and entertainment industry participants can begin with deployment of the Tron node and networks for achieving the goal of decentralization.

Zeeve is a company that provides an array of services to help businesses and entrepreneurs create, launch or manage secure Decentralized Applications (DApps). They do this by providing security transparency efficiency in blockchain technology along with infrastructure management. Zeeve is a company that makes it easier for businesses and entrepreneurs around the world to use blockchain technologies. Their mission: global adoption of this innovative technology through their service, which will be cloud-agnostic so they can connect with networks like Ethereum as well!


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