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June 14, 2022
Avalanche Blockchain is now available on Zeeve
Avalanche and Zeeve


We are excited to add support for Avalanche, one of the fastest-growing Blockchain protocols in the world, on the Zeeve Platform. Zeeve helps web3 developers and enterprises connect with Blockchains using the most reliable and secure web3 infrastructure platform. Now you can deploy reliable Avalanche nodes and get secure RPC endpoints to connect your dApp with Avalanche Blockchain. 

Avalanche is the fastest smart contracts platform in the Blockchain industry, as measured by time-to-finality. It has been designed to solve some of the limitations of other blockchain platforms like low throughput, higher transaction finality time, centralization, and scalability. Avalanche solves these limitations with features that include higher throughput (~4500 per second), transaction finality of <2 sec, low latency, and supports thousands of validators to secure the platform – providing security guarantees well above the 51% standard. Avalanche has quickly grown the dApp ecosystem and now is the fourth largest Blockchain by Total Value Locked (TVL).

The Avalanche Blockchain is now available on Zeeve, a highly secure and reliable platform for running your Avalanche nodes with enhanced efficiency and blazing performance. Developers can utilize Zeeve to run their decentralized applications (dApps) more effectively than ever before by taking advantage of the high-performing and secure nodes. 

What makes Avalanche so special?

The Avalanche Blockchain consists of a system of three interoperable blockchains: X-Chain, C-Chain), P-Chain. The Exchange Chain (X-Chain) acts as a decentralized platform for creating and trading smart digital assets and is an instance of the Avalanche Virtual Machine (AVM). The Contract Chain (C-Chain) is Avalanche’s Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) implementation and is compatible with all of the key Ethereum tooling that is critical to the DeFi ecosystem. The Platform Chain (P-Chain) is the metadata chain that coordinates validators and tracks the subnets including creation of new subnets.

Using the concept of subnets, Avalanche is not only tackling the issue of scalability but also of interoperability. Each subnet can have its own token/fee structure. They may also choose to have staking and transaction fees paid in the native token AVAX, stablecoins, or their own token. The Blockchain both within a subnet and between subnets can communicate with one another including cross-chain asset transfers.

Avalanche on Zeeve

Avalanche Managed Node or Bring your own Cloud

Zeeve provides the deployment of Avalanche full node or archive node both as a fully managed service and owned cloud service. We support all major cloud providers.

Secure RPC Endpoints

Use the Zeeve proprietary architecture to deploy Avalanche nodes with military-grade security – highly secure endpoints to securely connect with the C-Chain Avalanche network

Developer Friendly 

Zeeve’s Avalanche node-managed service is highly optimized for performance and availability. The platform supports both TestNet and MainNet deployments, full nodes and archive nodes. If you are building a dApp or an Avalanche analytics platform, you can use the Zeeve dashboard to manage all the connections, alerts, and notifications.

Enterprise-grade Uptime and Rapid Syncing

Zeeve is an Enterprise-grade web3 DevOps automation platform architected for high availability, high performance, and high scalability. You can configure your deployment architecture with multi-cloud, multi-region support. Sync up your new dedicated Avalanche node in a few hours.

Ready plugins and Heimdall APIs
Work with flexible APIs, powerful tools, and a ready set of libraries available to set up with your secure Avalanche node via a simple control panel.

Building the web3 infrastructure for decentralized future

Zeeve has been at the forefront of building web3 infrastructure and more than 10,000 developers and Blockchain startups trust Zeeve for their critical web3 infrastructure. Avalanche Blockchain is one of the largest Blockchain ecosystems that foster the needs of a content creator economy with developer-friendly smart contracts, low transaction fee structure, and privacy of transactions.

Avalanche is already the fourth largest Blockchain by TVL locked. With tps of ~4500,  <2 sec transaction finality time and innovative subnet based architecture, Avalanche is the fastest growing smart contract platform with huge community of developers supporting it. We are excited to join the Avalanche community enabling the developers build dApps faster with Zeeve’s enterprise grade web3 infrastructure platform.❞

– Dr.Ravi Chamria, Co-founder and CEO of Zeeve

Kickstart your web3 journey with Zeeve

  • Zeeve supports the deployment and management of nodes on the leading Blockchain protocols and services like EthereumPolygonBNB Chain, Avalanche, FantomTronBitcoin, AXIA, Phaeton, Polkadot…..more in progress.
  • Zeeve provides ready-to-plug services like decentralized storage, decentralized identity, oracles, IoT as a service, etc. for building your dApps faster. 
  • Zeeve provides both managed cloud and bring your own cloud options to choose from. With granular configurations, you can design your deployment architecture as per the need of your dApps. 
  • 24/7 support and proactive monitoring ensure the health of nodes all the time. We work smart so that you don’t need to worry about your web3 infrastructure. 

About Zeeve

Zeeve is the leading Blockchain Infrastructure Automation Platform helping enterprises and Blockchain startups build, deploy and manage reliable web3 infrastructure. Zeeve is a low code web3 DevOps automation platform that is cloud agnostic and supports multiple Blockchain protocols with advanced analytics and monitoring of nodes and networks. 

Zeeve features a powerful set of APIs to build DApps for a plethora of use cases across industries including asset tokenization, NFTs, DEX, Stablecoins, etc. Zeeve supports Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space with decentralized storage, trusted nodes, and smart contracts.

To learn more about Zeeve, visit our Developer Center or join us on Twitter and Telegram. 

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