Web3Titans Meetup Series – Kolkata July 2023

Event on: 16 July 2023

Web3Titans Meetup Series – Kolkata July 2023


On 16th July 2023, Zeeve organized a power-packed Web3 Mumbai Mega Weekend event at Cafe Blob, 7th Floor, Yamuna Building, 86, Golaghata Rd, Dakshindari, Kolkata, West Bengal 700048, India.

Recently, Zeeve witnessed a power-packed event featuring the presence of two excellent evangelists, Aharna Haque, and Raihan Khan, all the way from Kolkata. Despite facing heavy rainfall challenges, the event saw a gathering of 40+ enthusiastic attendees.

The event kicked off on a high note, with Aharna Haque and Raihan Khan taking the stage and warmly addressing the audience. They provided a light introduction to Zeeve, setting the stage for learning and networking.

Next up, the esteemed speaker, Dr. Ravi Chamria, CEO and Co-Founder of Zeeve, took center stage to discuss “Opportunities in Web3” and how Zeeve is revolutionizing the entire Web3 space. The audience was enthralled as he shared impressive insights into Zeeve’s rapid growth and expanding ecosystem, sparking excitement about future developments and potential partnerships.

Keeping the momentum going, Raihan invited the external speaker, Sunit Roy, GitHub Campus Expert, who conducted an engaging session on excelling in web3 hackathons. Sunit shared valuable tips and tricks to create better projects and MVPs while discussing the advantages of web3. Raihan also shared his personal experiences in hackathons, providing invaluable insights to ace these competitions.

The event also featured our esteemed community partner, Status Code 0, who took the stage to promote their upcoming hackathon at IISER Kolkata. Attendees were thrilled to learn how to participate in this exciting hackathon and contribute to the community.

The event concluded positively, with attendees networking and exchanging ideas while enjoying delicious pizzas and refreshing beverages.

The feedback from the audience was overwhelming, as they expressed their enthusiasm to implement the ideas and inspirations gained from the event in their future hackathons.


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