Event on: 9th Dec 2022

Twitter Space AMA -Web3Voice Presents Zeeve Tech Talks Future of Blockchain Developers


It is apparent that the field of technology is continually transforming. With this transformation, a rapidly increasing number of exciting and appealing careers are emerging. One such career is that of a developer of blockchains. Developers of blockchains are in high demand because of the ever-growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and blockchains. It is on this topic that Zeeve arranged a Twitter Space event to discuss the surge of new and exciting careers in the field of blockchain development. Software engineers, blockchain developers are most likely to experience a substantial spike in their skill demand.

According to a report Job postings for cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFTs have grown 804% between April 2020 to April 2022. The report by global job portal Indeed also revealed acceleration in the market’s demand. In 2022, the increase was 315% and job postings for blockchain developer were also much more than those in 2019 and 2020. A global report by Gartner forecasts that the business value generated by blockchain will grow rapidly, reaching $176 billion by 2025, thereby potentially creating more job prospects.

On the 9th of December 2022, Lakshay Gaur, Blockchain Architect at Zeeve hosted the Episode 2 of Twitter Space. It was on “Future of Blockchain Developers,” and those associated with Web3 software development in any capacity, had a good chance to understand the world of opportunities and possibilities that lie ahead for web3 and blockchain enthusiasts, developers planning to jump in on the space. It was held at 7 PM on the 9th and saw many beginners and developers join the session to understand the scope

Lakshay, the speaker in the Twitter AMA event answered some of the most pertinent questions such as the skills required to be learnt for getting an entry into the expanding space of Blockchain and landing up exciting roles. He also sketched a roadmap before the audience for blockchain developers according to which they can choose to take up the required certification courses to be well-prepared to take up the interesting jobs as blockchain developers. Apart from that he also answered some basic questions as to how many months does it take to become a blockchain developer? Should blockchain enthusiasts learn Solidity or Python or as to how many types of blockchain developer roles are there.

The Twitter Space AMA with Lakshay Gaur on the above theme was a step-to-step guide on getting started with making a career out of blockchain development and understanding the future possibilities, best resources to fall back on the blockchain development and so on.


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