Event on: 13th Dec 2022

Webinar- GBA Episode 4 – Enterprise Blockchain Adoption “Security & Adoption”


Enterprise blockchain adoption is gaining traction in resolving operational issues, improving security, and streamlining business processes. It has the potential to transform how businesses function and achieve greater security and efficiency. Blockchain systems are built on the principle of security, but they are not immune to security threats.

Enterprise blockchain companies must be especially vigilant in ensuring their systems and databases remain secure. From using the strongest encryption algorithms to relying on robust authentication protocols, there are multiple measures that can help guarantee protection from security threats–and all should be taken seriously for maximum safety. To talk about the security concerns of blockchain and the ways to deal with these risks and compliance norms, Ghan Vashishtha, Co-founder and CTO Zeeve led a webinar on Enterprise blockchain security and compliance. This was the fourth episode as part of the 7 game changer lessons from a truly insightful webinar series pertaining to the required dimensions to consider in blockchain adoption.

The third webinar was conducted on 13th December, 2022 where Ghan Vashistha provided helpful answers to some of the most common questions about security and compliance risks as well as tips to follow for effective and secure enterprise blockchain implementation.

Viewers of the webinar first got a recap of the basics to be factored in to ensure complete compliance with the security norms for enterprise blockchain solution integration for their business purpose. Mr Ghan outlined some of the critical aspects of blockchain security controls, key pillars of the blockchain security and helped the viewers gain deep understanding on how common security risks and attacks can be averted.

During the webinar, Mr Ghan spoke about the importance of maintaining a secure blockchain infrastructure management platform, its benefits, how these work, and the deployment patterns when considering secure and effective communications for blockchain interactions. He also highlighted some of the monitoring and security tools required to configure and manage enterprise-grade infrastructure.Talking of security risks, the speaker showcased some of the most tested and tried blockchain risk-averting solutions that can be leveraged to streamline operations, boost productivity, reduce costs, enhance performance, bolster security and scale operations across industries.

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