#Web3Voice – Web3 and AI: Bridging the Gap in Decentralized Intelligence

Event on: 17 August 2023

#Web3Voice – Web3 and AI: Bridging the Gap in Decentralized Intelligence
web3 and AI


On 17th August 2023, Zeeve held a Twitter AMA session where Karthik MS, Social Media Manager of Zeeve, hosts the session on “Web3 and AI: Bridging the Gap in Decentralized Intelligence.”

This session revolves around various topics about the potential impact, challenges, and benefits of merging these technologies.

Karthik introduced guest speaker Nishu Kumar, Founder @ DAOstruct.

Nishu highlights the significance of AI in the evolution of Web 3 platforms, emphasizing that companies will be compelled to integrate AI across various domains, including cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and decentralized organizations. 

He mentions that AI can foster fair and transparent decentralized decision-making within DAOs, where tokens aren’t the sole determinant of voting power. He also emphasizes that integrating AI can lead to more equitable outcomes for users with lower voting power.

Additionally, AI can facilitate decentralized governance by ensuring that the initial vision of a DAO is preserved and decisions are more democratic.

The conversation then shifts to challenges. Nishu points out scalability as a significant hurdle in merging AI and Web 3 technologies due to the resource-intensive nature of AI model training. 

He discusses the complexities of privacy, data ownership, and regulations, highlighting the concerns surrounding the misuse of personal biometric data and the evolving regulatory landscape for Web 3 and AI technologies.

Nishu also underscores the importance of user-friendly interfaces and interoperability in attracting a billion users to the Web 3 space.

The discussion continues how blockchain-based systems can enhance trust, security, transparency, and data privacy. Nishu notes that while blockchain’s transparency can improve accountability, AI can simplify this information for users by providing straightforward explanations.

He also mentions AI’s role in improving smart contract security by automating audits and identifying vulnerabilities, thereby reducing costs and improving security measures.

Nishu then elaborates on the concept of smart contracts in collaboration with AI. He explains how AI can automate smart contract auditing, making it cheaper and more efficient. He uses the example of Ocean Protocol to highlight how smart contracts can govern AI-related transactions within decentralized data marketplaces.

The conversation concludes with a discussion on the impact of decentralized data storage and processing on advanced AI models and algorithms. Nishu discusses the benefits of decentralized data storage in enhancing privacy and security. He points out that decentralized data processing can lead to more advanced AI models, but developers must be mindful of potential trade-offs such as scalability and latency.

Thus, wrapping up the session, Karthik expresses gratitude to the audience for their time and listening attentively. 

To find Nishu Kumaron’s detailed answers to Karthik`s questions on “Web3 and AI: Bridging the Gap in Decentralized Intelligence.”

Click the link below and listen to the Zeeve Tech Talk episode.



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