Web3Titans Meetup Series-Calcutta Meetup Feb 2023

Event on: 24th Feb 2023

Web3Titans Meetup Series-Calcutta Meetup Feb 2023


Calcutta has always been a center seeking knowledge and wisdom – be it in arts culture or even technology. And when it came to getting insight about the web3 space, folks from all over Calcutta and nearby regions gathered together at the recently organized meetup of the web3 titans series. This event was part of the bigger and versatile Web3 Titans Meetup Series that is planned in multiple cities as part of Zeeve’s initiative to contribute towards the growth of the web3 ecosystem.

The city of Calcutta was all set to witness a revolutionary meetup series on the world of web3, hosted by Zeeve. This meetup series was designed to provide an excellent platform to the tech enthusiasts of the city to get an in-depth understanding of the web3 ecosystem. Through this meetup series, Zeeve aimed to spread the knowledge of web3 among the local tech community and also to facilitate knowledge exchange between experienced professionals and newbies in the field.

Blob studios, the venue of the Kolkata meetup series – web3 titans started attendants lying up in hordes in the afternoon as the meetup was scheduled to start at 4 p.m. More than 130 members participated in the event trying to gather valuable insights from all the industry experts who were invited at the event as speakers. Manish Barnwal – Runner up @ Eth India Li.fi track, Samantak Saha from CoinDCX Kolkata Chapter Lead and also Abhiruk Bhattacharyya, Global Partnerships @ SAPX took part during the event to shed their expertise on the recent advancements in the web3 and the opportunities that it offers in the future. Sankalp, VP of engineering from Zeeve also spoke extensively at the event and shared his expert views on the web3.

The panel discussion was the highlight of the event, and provided a great platform for open discussion and debate. The three panelists, Sankalp, Samantak, and Abhiruk, each had their own unique perspectives on web3 and decentralization, and provided insightful commentary on the current state of the technology. The audience were open to the conversation and shared their own experiences and opinions. They asked questions about why people should learn web3, what advantages decentralization can bring, and how technology can be used to make the world a more fair, open and secure place.

The panelists discussed the implications of decentralization on the future of the web, the potential for blockchain technology to revolutionize the way we interact with data, and the need for education and awareness around these topics. By the end of the discussion, it was clear that the audience had gained a better understanding of web3 and decentralization, and left the event feeling inspired and energized to explore and learn more about the technology.

Manish’s talk focused on what makes a winning hackathon project and how to set yourself up for success. He discussed the importance of research, planning, and collaboration as well as how to create a compelling pitch and demo. He also gave tips for how to use the latest Web3 technologies, such as decentralised storage, consensus protocols, and smart contracts, to create innovative projects. Manish also shared his experiences from past hackathons and gave practical advice on how to approach the development process. Participants had the opportunity to ask questions and get advice on their project ideas. The talk was well-received and the audience was eager to learn more about Web3 technology and how to make the most of it.

For more such insightful and engaging sessions on the web3 world, keep an eye on the upcoming web3 Titan events and meetups from Zeeve!


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